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September 14, 2014

Every so often we get a little gap in the cosmic weather patterns. After such high energy through the Summer and early September this is a week which gives breathing space. It gives us a chance to re-align, re-constellate, re-calibrate – to process everything we have been going through. Once we’ve got everything uploaded then we’re ready for the Autumn Equinox, the Libra New Moon, the stunning Jupiter/Uranus alliance and all the new energy which will take us through the rest of 2014.

You are here!
September 7, 2014

Here we are on planet Earth, quite close to a place called the Cosmic Void and another called Coma…. who knew! We may feel like this whilst the Full Moon in Pisces liquifies our real world into something resembling the Milky Way. We don’t know where we are. There are no signposts or directions and we either feel like slumbering, denying everything, yearning for something, anything to take us away from all this or if we are aiming for a more evolved state opening up to some insights, creativity and transcendence. Yes, you do have a choice …


Sun and Pluto
August 31, 2014

As Pluto is the God of the Underworld, the one who took Persephone down into the darkest place, he has a difficult reputation. Yet this week’s stunning alignment between the Sun and Pluto redeems the feeling that even in this ancient myth, Persephone reached transformation through living with ‘the demon’. It’s only when we get to experience the difficult times in our lives that we realise how resilient, powerful and strong we are. That we come through with so much wisdom.

Mars, Saturn and Venus on the war-path
August 25, 2014

The dynamic energy of the early part of this week is tense to say the least with people holding positions that make others mad and competitive. The glitz of the Venus Jupiter conjunction in Leo means it’s always possible to see something heart-warming but the more war-like people get the more the only solution is peace.

Wishing and Waxing!
August 10, 2014

Sunday night is the perigee Supermoon in Aquarius – when the Moon is closest to earth and appears 30 per cent bigger than usual. July and September Full Moons are also enhanced but August is the Big Daddy of them all. In addition we have the Perseid meteor showers that deliver wishes to earth.

Supermoon is coming
August 3, 2014

Next Sunday places the lights of Sun in Leo and Full Moon in Aquarius either side of Saturn – in psychological terms we’re talking karmic outcomes, intense decisions and long term futures. On top of this, the visual of the Moon will be exceptionally bright as it’s so close to the earth at this time, making it a Supermoon. We often get shooting stars also during this period of the year – all ancient symbols of wishes to be made.

Tantrums and tiaras
July 28, 2014

If you like drama then there’s plenty to see around you, or to get involved with if you choose. Choosing is important. Perspective equally so. Are things really such a big deal or is Jupiter making them see super-size on a temporary basis? The valuable lesson of Venus, Uranus and Pluto is to be able to see deep inside the issues that are going on. The surface is where it all happens, but the truth lies underneath….

Jupiter arrives in Leo
July 13, 2014

Lion MGM

This week sees a prime planetary movement. A game-changer in the cosmos. Jupiter ends its year long sojourn in Cancer and moves to Leo for the next 12 months. Put together the positive, abundant qualities of Jupiter and the super-bling, super-charged sign of Leo and we get a major upgrade all round. Especially for the royal sign itself, for anyone with personal planets in Leo or in the other fire signs there’s going to be a revival of fortunes.

The Twins ace the Lion
July 6, 2014

It was a close-run thing, but agile Gemini Djokovic won the Wimbledon championship from under the nose of 8 times winner the lion-King Federer. Fascinating that so many top seeds lost their footing in this tournament – Nadal, the William’s sisters and Andy Murray all fell foul of the Mercury change of direction. Djokovic is certainly a rising star as Uranus pulsates on his Jupiter in Aries.


Hermes, The Magician, Mercury
June 29, 2014

magicianWhilst we all have to juggle balls in the air whilst Mercury backtracks through the heavens, this game stops once the trickster resumes forward motion.   In his wisdom, the messenger planet can deliver what we need to hear, articulate where we need to go and arrange the universe so that it can manifest.

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