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From Scorpio to Sagittarius
November 17, 2014

As the cosmos takes us through the final curtain of Scorpio and the meeting of the Sun and Saturn we get to see the truth about what’s been going on. This is the consequence of it all. Then we can move onto the Sagittarian fire energy which is bright, dynamic and enthusiastic. It all begins next Saturday when the Sun moves here with a New Moon kick-starting a new positive cycle and renewing our hope that it’s possible to begin again, start over and move into a greater state of happiness and abundance.

Check in on Monday
November 16, 2014

Next week’s stars will be up on Monday. The Persephone effect is still very alive and kicking…..

The Persephone Effect
November 9, 2014

I have just returned from a week in New York where I met with an extraordinary number of Scorpio clients and others with Scorpio/Pluto strong in their charts who were all aware of the Persphone effect. We were exploring the nature of being abducted into the underworld. How we live as innocent maidens until we are forced to confront the darker elements in life and how it can be a rude awakening but ultimately enriches us. All those Scorpionic themes of death, sex, power, renaissance and re-birth are alive and kicking this week in the cosmos. Mars and Pluto connect in Capricorn on Monday – see the forces of will playing out there in the world with brutal power and how we engage with that dynamic in our own lives. This followed by the kicker from Mars/Uranus just in case anyone is feeling comfortable.
Then we get Venus meeting with Saturn for the final time in Scorpio – completing this karmic cycle for the next 28 years. Attachments, karma, relationship issues involving boundaries, commitments and separations …. ah yes, here we go…….

Persephone 2

New Stars are up
November 3, 2014
The calm after the storm
October 26, 2014

Soemtimes Eclipses brew up perfect storms and if you are feeling the turbulence of the recent solar eclipse you’ll now float through the next couple of weeks.
It really is a wonderful cosmos as we move into the early part of November.

Scorpio – sex, death, passion and intrigue
October 19, 2014

All the Scorpionic themes are coming up as the Sun and Venus arrive in this sign on Thursday accompanied by a pivotal solar eclipse here too. This isn’t just an extreme case for Scorpios but for every sign. As the leaves fall off the trees, nature is laid bare, we are all asked to strip down to what lies underneath. It’s an opportunity to take a good look at ourselves and consider the most powerful, passionate, intense aspects of our lives. Eclipses are sometimes presented as a fait accompli – events happen that re-shape our lives. It is a force of destiny and as Scorpio is all about re-birth, transformation and renewal we get to see life after death in this life. The solar eclipse always triggers a new cycle which requires the end of the old one. We can choose whether we let go willingly or wrestle with it – but the universe always wins!


Libra’s North Node/Venus/Sun – what are relationships for?
October 12, 2014

We all know Libra is the sign of relating and relationship. Yet even Librans themselves sometimes find the human puzzle of interaction a dangerous game to play. Now the North Node is in the mix with the Libra Sun and Venus we need to look at the art of gracefulness. How to be with someone even when they press our buttons, how to co-exist with others in our karma with them. How you do it counts, even how you end it matters ……

Total eclipse
October 5, 2014

At eclipse time the atmosphere heats up – especially at a totally eclipsed Full Moon in the fire sign Aries. This eclipse is also plugged into the Uranus/Pluto configuration making it super-powerful. As always the impact is not always felt entirely on the day itself but unloads over the coming weeks and months – but you have only to look at the world stage right now to feel the intensity. For the cardinal signs – Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn this eclipse is a portent of closure on the past. Quite abruptly in some cases…..

Lunar Eclipse

September 28, 2014

As we approach a more chaotic cosmic pattern we are entering the realm of non-linear, complex dynamics that influence the atmosphere. Perhaps when Mercury slows down and a butterly flaps its wings in New Mexico it causes a hurricane in China. This kind of thinking is reflected in the intial slo-mo of Mercury this week which means we start to see things frame-by-frame. It skews our perception of the stories in our lives – which is a good thing as we begin to question our personal reality. On Saturday October 4th, Mercury will stand still before moving retrograde and this is followed by early October’s dramatic total lunar eclipse with volatile Uranus at its centre and powerful Pluto locked into the pattern. It’s certainly a time when the science of surprises takes precedence.

Weighing it all up
September 21, 2014


When the Sun enters Libra it’s the Autumn Equinox: day and night are equal and this has been considered a hugely significant time in the calendar for thousands of years. Of course, this balance only lasts for a day – it is a tipping point and then the planets move onto their winter track in the Northern hemisphere. We feel moved to focus on the remaining months of the year and how to be most productive. It’s not just the equinox that heralds a change of gear – the New Moon in Libra on Wednesday kickstarts fresh energy and all of this is followed by the stunning alliance between Jupiter and Uranus which the ancients considered a truly lucky stroke of fortune!

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