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Capricorns win the Oscar
February 27, 2015

Congratulations to Eddie Redmayne for winning the Oscar for Best Actor for his portrayal of Stephen Hawking in the film The Theory of Everything. Interestingly, they are both Capricorn – which is probably why Eddie could fit inside the role and literally become Stephen Hawking with such authenticity. Shame though that Hawking denounces astrology – he is one of those died-in-the-wool cosmologists and scientists that dismiss astrology without proper study of it.

However, I was thrilled to find this week that another Capricorn, Conservative MP David Tredinnick raised his head above the parapet to say that astrology and alternative medicine could save the NHS by taking the pressure off doctors. He said that 90% of French women use homeopathy and astrology is a diagnostic tool enabling people to see strengths and weaknesses via the birth chart. He also said opposition to astrology is driven by ‘superstition, ignorance and prejudice with scientists reacting emotionally which is always a great irony’.

How wonderful!

New Moon, Venus and Mars
February 16, 2015

I was thinking the other day as I drove around London that the way you encounter traffic is like a microcosm of energy – a mirror of what’s out there on the street, how people are, whether they’re slow or wired up, not sure where they’re going or anxious to cut in. A little journey can tell us what’s out there in the energy currents that day and whether we need to relax into it, because we know this is going to be slow. This week, the cosmic energy shifts and changes with the New Moon and the arrival of the Sun into Pisces – of course it’s the Oscars soon – so apt that the glamour of tinsel town is radiating during Pisces time which rules film, celebrity and images.
We also get Venus and Mars moving into Aries on Friday ready for their big smooch on Sunday in the hot-head sign of lust and immediacy. Love and war – beauty and desire. Feminine/masculine – they join forces, they take off together and bring a huge zing to life, a big pop of energy like an early Spring.

Going round in circles til it stops
February 8, 2015

Ah that Mercury retrograde. What a number it is. Even though we get distracted by the Full Moon or whatever other heavenly bodies are working we are always one step behind. This week the cosmos is so quiet. A hush has fallen so we will not be distracted from Mercury’s go-slow and on Wednesday this planet actually grinds to a halt and then turns around and spins forward again. Very slowly. It is a balletic movement, very beautiful and we see life from all its angles. Not good though if you’re caught in a traffic jam, late for an appointment…. Still, after Wednesday you can solve problems and make plans. Then it’s Valentines – but Venus and Mars are off-stage and only due for their heavenly performance on the 22nd. The stars in their courses have their own timing ……

Extended 10 day message:
January 28, 2015

Late Jan through early Feb is such a big time. You can’t cut off Saturn and Venus on January 30th without knowing that Sunday Feb 1 is another fairy dust story. Then there’s the Leo Full Moon positioned so close to Jupiter’s mega-watt energy we feel we’re being pulled and pushed, stretched and extended – sometimes way further than we ever expected to go. Mercury is still retro – so anything could happen and probably will. Enjoy the ride …..

Life: Half inspiration, half perspiration!
January 25, 2015

As the cosmos aligns this week we’re getting some major shifts in perception. Reviewing the past can actually re-write history if that’s what we choose.
Then Venus and Saturn – no prizes for guessing what the planets of relationship and karma can do. It’s always a big deal…. Together with Mars and Pluto in perfect connection which reminds us that transformation comes from a combination of inspiration and perspiration. We can go deeper than ever before with this one.

Mars and Neptune, Mercury retro
January 18, 2015

It’s all happening at once – so not much wonder we’re confused…
The Aquarian New Moon and the Sun’s arrival here on the same day triggers a new cycle of energy. Things are in a growing phase. But Mars and Neptune are having a tsunami moment in Pisces at the same time – which can make us feel over-whelmed, lost, caught in the dream-state and unusually sensitive.
Put Mercury retrograde into the frame and we have a recipe for fragmentation. Yes, it’s going to be disjointed, un-readable and our perceptions could be a little off. So go slowly, double-check that people get what you’re saying.
Sun and Saturn are good for working things out on Friday.

Reality or fantasy?
January 11, 2015

Monday begins a six week passage of Mars through the romantic sign of Pisces – and on the 20th Mars will have a holy communion with divine Neptune. In the meantime, this Thursday Mars clashes with the stern planet Saturn – an energy that is more to do with reality, restriction and responsibility. This pull between the magical and the mundane is a big theme for a lot of us in 2015. We ask ourselves if our heads are in the clouds, we’re losing it, going crazy and on a flight of fancy but then do we really want to be only existing in the ordinary stuff of everyday life, operating in very tight constraints. Emotionally these energies are about the polarity between letting go and holding on. We need to be able to do both….

Epiphany – Three Wise Men – Full Moon
January 4, 2015

We all have to be brave when it comes to leaving the past behind. Unless we do, there can be no new tomorrow. Some people live today as if they are just re-winding the movie from yesterday. It can feel freakishly foolish to step into the unknown but in truth, there are never any guarantees. We build our future step by step as we move forwards. With the intense aspects from 2014 still reverberating around this week’s Full Moon we all know where we need to break free…. the question is can we do it or are we going to wait until the universe or someone else does it for us?

Happy New Year!
December 28, 2014

Moving into 2015: leaving behind the debris of 2014 – drawing a line under a broken heart, an old job, a past way of life. Uranus and Pluto are shattering the patterns like so many shards of glass, impossible to piece back together. In fact, we need to recognise the universal, archetypal pattern of endings and beginnings. The Angel Fountain in Central Park has always meant a great deal to me. She presides over New York keeping her water flowing, shining her wonderful serene and divine energy. Keep your angels close to you as 2015 begins.


Ray of light
December 21, 2014

As the darkest day of the year is Winter Solstice on the 21st it’s wonderful that a couple of hours later we get the light of the New Moon in Capricorn. Saturn is also departing from Scorpio on the 23rd and taking up residence in Sagittarius which will change the focus for a lot of us over the next couple of years. We don’t always get peaceful aspects on Christmas Day – and with Mercury, Uranus and Pluto sitting under the tree just be careful what get’s unwrapped! The most beautiful, magical link between the Sun and Neptune next Saturday is likely to be the special one.

Happy Christmas! – and a sneak preview of 2015 is available now on your phone line.

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