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Tantrums and tiaras
July 28, 2014

If you like drama then there’s plenty to see around you, or to get involved with if you choose. Choosing is important. Perspective equally so. Are things really such a big deal or is Jupiter making them see super-size on a temporary basis? The valuable lesson of Venus, Uranus and Pluto is to be able to see deep inside the issues that are going on. The surface is where it all happens, but the truth lies underneath….

Jupiter arrives in Leo
July 13, 2014

Lion MGM

This week sees a prime planetary movement. A game-changer in the cosmos. Jupiter ends its year long sojourn in Cancer and moves to Leo for the next 12 months. Put together the positive, abundant qualities of Jupiter and the super-bling, super-charged sign of Leo and we get a major upgrade all round. Especially for the royal sign itself, for anyone with personal planets in Leo or in the other fire signs there’s going to be a revival of fortunes.

The Twins ace the Lion
July 6, 2014

It was a close-run thing, but agile Gemini Djokovic won the Wimbledon championship from under the nose of 8 times winner the lion-King Federer. Fascinating that so many top seeds lost their footing in this tournament – Nadal, the William’s sisters and Andy Murray all fell foul of the Mercury change of direction. Djokovic is certainly a rising star as Uranus pulsates on his Jupiter in Aries.


Hermes, The Magician, Mercury
June 29, 2014

magicianWhilst we all have to juggle balls in the air whilst Mercury backtracks through the heavens, this game stops once the trickster resumes forward motion.   In his wisdom, the messenger planet can deliver what we need to hear, articulate where we need to go and arrange the universe so that it can manifest.

Feeling crabby?
June 22, 2014

We are in the sign of Cancer and the New Moon here on Friday is bound to set pincers waving – also for Capricorns who need a little opening of the heart chakra. Yet the big adrenaline surge is the midweek face-off between Mars and Uranus. Aries and Libra are being shaken and stirred. They are reckless, wild and untamed under these stars!

It’ll be an interesting week…… Cancer crab

More on Jagger, Blair, Hilary…
June 15, 2014

Follow me on Twitter: @debbie_frank for more on the above and of course, the Summer Solstice next Saturday. You don’t have to be a druid to feel it!

Full Moon Fever
June 8, 2014

Friday 13th is Full Moon time accompanied by such an intense cosmic download that mid-June will become a power point. What to do with such intense energy? For some people it is all about trying to remain centred rather than over-reacting. Others will be making those all-important decisions or encountering life changing experiences.

June stars and the week ahead
June 1, 2014

The cosmos is changing and turning continually so that we find situations altering and our responses to them adjust. We have choices, we have chances to stop the same old thought forms, break free of old limitations, memories and habitual patterns. As the planets in their courses move – so can we.

Farage is the embodiment of Uranus in Aries
May 26, 2014

On Wednesday I was interviewed by Andrew Neil on BBC2′s Daily Politics Show and talked about the charts of Nigel Farage, Ed Milliband, David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Nathalie Bennett. Nigel’s the vehicle for Uranus in Aries which produces shock-waves. Ed is struggling with Mars on his Neptune so rather gaffe-prone but on a winning streak currently, whilst David Cameron is also wrestling with Uranus and Pluto but looks to make a Summer recovery with his Jupiter return. Nick is facing long term change, Nigel is eating into Nathalie’s votes but she’s in the zone. My election prediction proved to be spot on. The stars always give the inside track.


Things are easing up now!
May 18, 2014

Mars is finally changing direction having been reversing through Libra since March 1. Vitality has been low, projects stalled, people out of sorts. Although initially Mars will remain in a shadow period where it gathers steam before picking up speed we will all feel that welcome change of gear. Plus a lovely Jupiter trine Saturn aspect on the 24th reassures and uplifts.

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