• Sat - Jun 15 - 2019

Best-Dressed Dog

When I get back from Palm Beach, I chat with Margrit about issues with animals in New York. 

Since I’ve been here I’ve seen dogs with dummies in their mouths (yes really – the pet shops sell them here), dogs put in prams specially built for dogs (yes really again).  The ridiculous outfits – I’ve seen dogs in shoes and socks, red Wellingtons, not to mention the cashmere coats, cowboy gear and diamante hair accessories. 

Animals here, like most humans in NYC live an urban, concrete existence, couped up in small spaces with very little opportunity to be free. Central Park rules are that dogs must be on the leash after 9 am.  Yet people keep a huge variety of dogs in this town.  Lots of St Bernards, Weineramas, Retreivers and Labradors and of course the handbag sized smaller types too. 

Margrit’s workshops have gone down a storm here and she’ll be back to give owners and animals her wisdom, help and advice. 

Check out her website at www.theanimalhealer.com. She is brilliant.

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