• Wed - Nov 20 - 2019

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Piers the typical ram

Piers Morgan’s career has followed that thrusting trajectory of the ram with a few brickbats thrown in to provide the challenge these thrill-seekers thrive on. His latest crash – CNN will do little to diminish his bravado. Especially as his birthday March 30th is the day of the New Moon in Aries close to the revolutionary 123
planet Uranus. He is about to do something else that will take us by surprise…

Harry and Cressida – a match made in heaven?

Virgo Harry is right under the super-emotional Full Moonbeams this weekend. His paramour Cressida will surely feel the heat. She is born on the cusp of Aquarius and Pisces – but opposites attract, so chances are she’s Pisces, sign of the fishes – the most romantic, bohemian, soulful and creative of them all. Having already abandoned her dream of being a dancer in order to conform to establishment requirements (as Pisces rules the feet and sacrifice I also think that’s another tick in the box for this sign), Cressida is said to be ready for the romance to turn more serious. Harry is having his Saturn return – a big astrological indicator of a mature turning point in life…. watch this space!

Another Oscar

Oscar Pistorius is born on the cusp of Scorpio and Sagittarius so without his exact birthtime his Sun sign isn’t known. However, he certainly does have Venus and Pluto close together in Scorpio – telling us all we need to know about his proximity to tragedy in his life.

Meanwhile – the two sides of Libran scales is shown by Putin and David Cameron. Both under pressure from war-mongering Mars currently in this sign.

And the Winner is …..

A good year for the 1969’ers. Both Cate and Matthew were born in the same year, 6 months apart. Cate Blanchett a Taurus with Venus in Aries has the va va voom planet Uranus propelling her into a new stratosphere, whilst Pluto power plays her fate into the hands of the Hollywood moguls over the next year. Matthew McConaughey is a Scorpio (same as Leonardo di Caprio) and exudes that Scorpionic intensity. As Saturn, planet of recognition, bestows its awards on him as Best Actor and Mars traverses his Venus and Jupiter in Libra he’s going to be busy, busy, busy for some time.

Closing Ceremony

The Fish cuckolded by a Bull and an Archer

Rumours that Rupert Murdoch’s marriage to the much younger Wendi Deng ended as a result of an affair with Tony Blair check out in the astrology. Yet the most interesting point is that it’s Blair’s Venus that provokes Murdoch’s chart most powerfully. In other words, the strongest connection is the rivalry and dynamic energy between these two powerful men rather than any particular affinity with Wendi Deng.

Week of February 3

Stars have landed!

Happy Chinese New Year of the Horse!

Next week’s horoscopes will be up during Monday morning – Mercury is slowing down! Please check back… or dial your starline to hear what I’ve got to say.

French Triangles

After being exposed in a love triangle, Francois Hollande has had to face the music this week.

It’s not surprising how often the hot-cat Leo attracts the cool Aquarian. As with all opposites, there is mutual attraction as each has what the other lacks and desires, but this is followed by irritation or conflict of interests. Francois Hollande may not exude an upfront personal magnetism, but he is a Sun Pluto in Leo which gives off a powerful scent. It’s tripped up Valerie Trierweiller, so much so, that a detached Aquarian has been unhinged by strong feelings of rejection. Meanwhile Julie Gayer is a Gemini – she can provide Hollande with the mental alacrity of the twins, always able to spin everything and keep him interested and excited. Hollande has just had his second Saturn return – a huge rite of passage which gives rise to feelings of age-ing and questioning. As Saturn continues to tighten it’s grip on his Sun and Pluto this year there will be no let up or escape into a romantic flight of fancy. He will be tested on his maturity, wisdom and statesman-ship.

Age of Aquarius!

From Monday, the Sun will be in Aquarius – to say nothing of that precession of the Equinoxes which is so vague that no astronomer or astrologer truly knows when the Age of Aquarius will begin exactly or if it’s happening right now. Time itself is not as linear as it seems. Perhaps it exists on a number of different levels simultaneously. A concept that Aquarians can grasp quite easily.