• Sun - Jan 26 - 2020

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Into Aquarius

Monday brings the Sun to Aquarius followed by the New Moon on Friday which clashes with unruly Uranus and brings in Chinese New Year (Metal Rat). More shockwaves in the global newsfeed but more importantly a time to look at the news headlines in our own lives and be ready to make changes at a moment’s notice.


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The rare and grand union of Saturn, Pluto, Sun, Mercury and Ceres across Sunday January 12th and Monday 13th is totally in synch with the latest royal bombshells and Monday’s crisis meeting between the Queen, Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry to decide Harry’s future. Such a line-up of celestial and royal bodies at the same time augers a significant seismic shift taking place at the top branches of the royal tree. I have been looking at all the royal charts and how they are interwoven with repeating planets and themes. Meghan and Harry are acting out the karma that was planted at the abdication of Edward V111 – this is a story that began long ago and is now reaching its denouement with the nuclear blast of Saturn and Pluto.


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Wishing you a wonderful transition into the 2020’s and more can be heard if you listen to my recorded messages on your star-line.

New Year stars will, of course, be up on January 1st.

Happy Christmas to all who visit this site!

It’s Christmas with a bang this year as the solar eclipse joins Jupiter on December 26th and 27th. We’re in a big cycle of change that means the roaring 20’s will definitely come in making a big noise!

Calling the election

Of course, hindsight is an exact science. Yet Boris Johnson’s Mercury in Gemini was under the Full Moonbeams at the time of the general election and Moon forces are often used to predict winners in horse-racing. Many media headlines ran stories of Boris’s election gamble paying off. Yes and also Venus, Saturn and Pluto together are an extreme case, pointing towards the end of an era – which it most certainly was for the Red Wall.

Saturn Pluto: The heavy march of time….

Saturn and Pluto have been heading for a grand union ever since Pluto arrived in Capricorn in 2008 followed by Saturn in 2017. They are a whisper away from each other this week and Venus stands between them. Perhaps trying to negotiate… yet the Saturn/Pluto pairing is so heavy and uncompromising that it’s clear some home truths will emerge. This coupled with a Full Moon in Gemini – those maverick twins, spinning tales and juggling balls. But something drops …
The truth….. continuing to January 2020 when finally Saturn and Pluto join together and the reality of it all is there.


Ahh…. the great benefic changes signs Monday 2nd December for a full 12 months into Capricorn. No matter what sign it will make our climb easier, but we have to well-prepared, sure-footed and keep our eye on the highest goals.

The Neptune effect

As many people have mentioned to me in recent days – this is the THE WORST Mercury retrograde ever. Except of course, at the time of transition last week when it turned direct, the news feed and spin you put on your own life, turns on a dime.

Now we have the Neptune pivot – from 5 months of retrograde to direct motion on Wednesday 27th. Where everything connected with Neptune from outright deception to divine intervention is pumped into the cosmic cloud.

The Big Push

As Mars is now in Scorpio right through the end of the year until January 3rd 2020, there’s an intensity to the final weeks of this year. On Wednesday, Mercury will end its retrograde enabling confusion to be cleared and then its onto Sagittarius time – with a big energy rush on Sunday 24th.

Next week’s update will be on Monday 25th.

Mercury’s transit of the Sun

A spectacular sight as the little black dot of Mercury passed across the face of the Sun on November 11, 2019. It brings with it a newsflash – occurring at the midpoint of the Mercury retrograde cycle. It also links back to 9 May 2016 – the last occurrence of Mercury’s passage across the Sun. The Brexit vote was in full swing back then and now the ramifications are again in full swing as the UK revs up for an election. Think back to what was going on in your head in May 2016 and think about what you know now as opposed to what you knew then….