• Sun - Jan 26 - 2020


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The Week Ahead

27 January 2020 : An urgent need for a breakthrough has made you consider things you’ve never entertained before. In fact, your horizons have broadened, your bandwidth has extended and you’re now on the psychic equivalent of 5G! However, the lines are blurred this week so double check your loose connections. It’s so easy to misunderstand someone’s intentions or to lose the plot. Think of it as a magical mystery tour that’s just for fun!

The Month Ahead

JANUARY 2020: If you have been feeling that there are some sticking points between you and those with whom you are closely involved in either a business or personal capacity it seems the cosmos is going to draw your attention to them between the 10th and 13th. So much so, you will either see things come unstuck, or decide that something is not for you, or have to address some realities that you’ve been avoiding. Deal with this calmly and you’ll be able to liberate yourself into new opportunities later in the month. However, the more combative you get, the harder it will be to resolve. From the 20th you find a way out that enables you to breathe fresh air again.

The Year Ahead

LOVE: 2020 turns the tables in love and relationships in all sorts of ways as you are going to have Venus reversing through Gemini between May 13 and June 25th which often replays blasts from the past. This could be the ex or an old pattern or a ghost you haven’t laid to rest, an issue you have yet to resolve. Yet what an optimum time it will be to unravel this knot and clarify everything! Besides this you you will be the recipient of the north node in your sign also from May which will last for a 2.5 year period alongside some mega eclipses so – hold tight – you’re in for an exciting time of destiny and the need to align with what is truly right for you!

Whilst contentious issues may arise in the month of January you have to admit you saw them coming a long way back but hoped they would go away. Dealing with them early in the year will set you free for fantastic new opportunities to come your way over the course of 2020 and your capacity to collaborate financially and in a professional sense will prove to be your sweet spot.