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The Week Ahead

23 April 2018 : It is a beautiful blessing to have Venus, the goddess of love, arrive into Gemini on Thursday. With Venus in your aura you can attract and magnetise the best scenarios. However, you are also contending with an area that lacks finesse. In fact, you could say that someone is behaving in an uncivilised manner which prompts you to think about whether it is worth the time and effort.

The Month Ahead

April 2018: This is month of serious assessment, even though you may change your mind half a dozen times in the first fortnight due to Mercury’s retrograde motion. It seems a group of people fire you into action mid-month or then again, you could flip to your other twin and decide you don’t want to be part of this scenario anymore. Once the sun enters the quietest zone of your chart on the 20th it’s important to rest, renew and retreat from too much noise in the outside world. Perhaps you get to know the truth about a certain matter when you stop looking at it and others are left to their own devices.

The Year Ahead

It’s been a long haul for love ever since Saturn moved into your relationship zone in Autumn 2015. Duty and responsibility have weighed heavily, but 2018 is a clean slate. Full of promise and potential. As you lighten up, so will close relationships. Late April to mid May is your cupid time when the power of attraction is strongest. On November 8th Jupiter moves into Sagittarius for a whole year, generating sparkle and happiness in spades.

Geminis are brilliant at creating their own luck and 2018 is a year to work with your genius ideas. Small improvements could make a huge difference to how you feel and live as many of your blessings are in the details this year. Your true take-off time begins from early November when you start to click with someone who can help make your dreams come true.

Wherever you are tied into other people’s lives, finances can get tangled. 2018 is a year to unpick the knots and extricate yourself from places and people that drain your resources. Use April to simplify your finances and solve problem areas. Late June to mid November requires you to work through a process that could pay off big time before this year is out. The keyword for your strategy is patience.