• Sun - Jun 25 - 2017


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The Week Ahead

June 19th: Significant discussions help to clarify where a relationship is going and then it’s time to think about your own confidence, value and skill-set. The next few weeks will give you scope to negotiate your terms and to pursue what is of value to you. You’ve been ruminating on what to do for a while so the moment has come to break the news.

The Month Ahead

June 2017: Standing your ground is not your usual M.O but you may need to do so instead of playing loop the loop with a myriad of possibilities. Around the 9th you’ll see what’s happening for others that impacts on you and after that it’s a case of negotiating. From the 21st it’s all about the money and your own self confidence and self esteem. A new offer could look very appealing, even if you have to stand on your head to make it work.

The Year Ahead

If you found 2016 heavy going due to the Saturn-Neptune influence you are going to enjoy a more dynamic energy this year. Although some twins with birthdays from June 12th through to the end of the sign are still operating under Saturn’s correction policy all Gems will receive a big boost from the wonderful connections between Uranus and Saturn which give a real chance to break through and start afresh. There are plenty of new options and possibilities whether you are looking for them in love or business and with abundant Jupiter sending you good wishes and kisses right up until October much to amuse and entertain you. Geminis born between June 1-4 will need to instigate a reality check as Neptune tends to mist over the facts. However, as Mars is in Gemini between April 21 to June 4th the late Spring/early Summer is handing you the incentive to pursue and manifest your desires. July is the starriest for love as Venus in Gemini gives you magnetic energy between July 5 and 31st. So, 2017 will give you chances you must take.