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The Week Ahead

16 September 2019 : If you have found some business associates or financial agreements to be slow-going and hard work in recent months, prepare for a break=through. As Saturn changes direction in the area of your chart which is all about what you share with others you’ll start to see movement. As always don’t get sucked into promises – this is about what’s for real.

The Month Ahead

Your mind is usually sharp as a pin – but September is seeringly accurate for delivering insights, analysis and knowledge. Your mental software is being upgraded to the max so don’t expect the thoughts in your head to die down anytime soon. Around the 14th your delivery enables you to shine like a star. Then, in the second half of the month you’re into having fun that is more heart than head.

The Year Ahead

Having Jupiter in your relationship zone up until December 2019 should work wonders for your capacity to develop and enhance great connections and enable significant partnerships to flourish. This is your best year for a magnificent double act since 2007! Venus will add even more warmth to your life between June 9 and July 3 so for many Geminis it will be a Summer of love. Yet this is not just about passing flirtations but how to make relationships work, how to commit yourself to the reality of love

2019 is a year to focus on joint ventures and to give your all to serious business ventures rather than play and speculate. Some Geminis will be releasing themselves from arduous and unrewarding set-ups which frees up energy to invest more wisely. The trick is to be realistic about what you see as your purpose and to build towards it rather than go for too many things at once. the eclipses in January, July and December are pivotal for financial planning. The potential for gain is there, but rather as a reward for effort rather than a lucky win.