• Sat - Sep 21 - 2019

Having a lightbulb moment!

Lightbulb moment

It must be Uranus arriving in Aries. Last night I was woken up in the small hours by the main bedroom light coming on. All by itself. If you think this is crazy, so did I. Stumbling out of bed to switch it off, back to sleep. 10 minutes later it happened again. These kinds of things always intrigue me. What does it mean I ask myself. Is it a wake up call, a lightbulb moment, a message, or do I simply need to call an electrician. Please post your thoughts…

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  • Lesley W says:

    Dear Debbie, I too had a strange experience last night (29 May). I work suddenly, due to experiencing a very bright light over my head. It felt that it was in fact inside my head and went as quickly as it came! What’s also very strange it that while I am typing this to you, my monitor has gone completely black for a minute or so and has come back to life on it’s own! By the way, I am a piscean.

  • admin says:

    Dear Lesley, there is obviously something strange going on. Back from my weekend in Mystic the light is still coming on by itself. In my old house in London the hi fi system (remember those!) used to switch itself on in the middle of the night and I was woken thinking there was a party. From time to time lights have flickered – a classic ghostly presence. But this is something else – impossible to ignore. Can anyone else shed some light on our lights?

  • Ilidia de Brito says:

    Dear Debbie, my thoughts are that maybe a loved one from the other side is giving a sign of their presence. Or your angel is calling your attention to something you need to pay attention to.

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