• Sun - Jun 25 - 2017


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The Week Ahead

June 19th: Not being in control feels awkward for a lion. However, this is a time of surrender to the universe as your karma is being worked through. Think about what changes you need to make, how you can let go with grace whilst still retaining your powerful spirit. You can make profound connections with people on the same heart frequency as yourself by just allowing a touch of vulnerability rather than pride.

The Month Ahead

June 2017: There is plenty of scope for you to shine your Leo radiance this month, although there is also the potential for someone to attempt to cramp your style between the 15th to 18th. Dealing with obstacles is always a good test for the ego and later in the month you can relax behind-the-scenes and nourish your soul. June is really a preparation ground for what is to come later this Summer when a total eclipse in late August will truly light your fire.

The Year Ahead

2017: The year opens with a mixed celestial scene: On the one hand the Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn configuration jolts you into new opportunities and possibilities. On the other, Mars and Neptune create a cloud of uncertainty and of course, Mercury is also retrograde for the first week of the year. However, you will find that 2017 favours the fire signs and for every ending there really is going to be a new dawn which fills you with new life. The hugely significant eclipses on February 11th, August 7 and August 21st are the marker points for epic events, decisions and feelings so you can’t just stay as you were – this is not an option! Mid July through August and early September puts Mars in Leo so you are driven to push things through. New ideas, learning curves and any digital or media platforms are going to have a big impact on you this year and from October 10th Jupiter creates a year long expansion cycle in your personal affairs.