• Sat - Sep 22 - 2018


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The Week Ahead

17 September 2018: Recent discussions have heartened you. Yet the extraordinary meeting between Mars and Uranus this week means that absolutely anything can happen. It could be thrilling or just plain awkward. It certainly shows you that other people have the capacity to totally surprise you.

The Month Ahead

September 2018: After the eclipse season of Summer you are coming back down to earth again which gets you back in the groove. It’s a month of checks and balances that will give you a realistic assessment of where things are going. Mars is also back in the same position it occupied mid-May, which could provide a second bite at a cherry you left behind in recent months. Make your plans for the rest of the year, eliminating anything which is a waste of your time.

The Year Ahead

Love is what Leos live for and already 2017 has produced the unexpected. This theme continues with the eclipses in Leo and Aquarius in 2018. They are destined to clarify what you are missing, how you can change things up and what and whom you truly hold dear. Home could be where the heart is for many Leos this year so loving your lair makes you the happiest of big cats.

Your personal life has the potential to be your luckiest area this year which could signal a welcome enhancement to your home or family. As Uranus touches your midheaven between May and November be prepared for the wheel of fortune to spin you around to a new position. Re-inventing yourself could be the most exciting thing you’ve ever done. As they say ‘fortune favours the brave’.

Neptune in your zone of shared resources means you have to be vigilant about grey areas that involve finances. Ensure your trust in others is well-placed by performing due diligence and reality checks every now and then. As eclipses often signify extraordinary, epic themes, some Leos could be hitting the jack-pot whilst others find life turns on a dime. Remember dramas cannot be aired on the ‘cautious’ channel.