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The Week Ahead

18 March 2019: Making a balance between the here and now and where you’re going in future is vital – especially as the Full Moon requests you to change your priorities. With Venus currently providing a little spark in your life it would be a shame to miss out on that simply because you are just too busy.

The Month Ahead

March 2019: Thank goodness for Venus the love goddess in the relationship angle of your chart for most of March. She gives you that charismatic energy that draws people to you and helps to offset some of the uncertainty that Mercury retrograde brings. So put on your sparkle and rise above any niggling delays, alterations and u-turns. After Spring Equinox on the 20th the astrological calendar is re-set as the Sun moves into your fellow fire sign of Aries and enthusiasm returns. You have journeys to make, new ideas to follow…..

The Year Ahead

Love is usually a top priority for Leos who are deeply connected to the heart chakra. Over the last two and a half years you have experienced an eclipse cycle that has either wreaked havoc with your notion of love, or enhanced it by introducing people and situations that have taken you out of your comfort zone. The final eclipse of this series is on January 21 – the eclipsed Full Moon in your own sign and this could be a big completion or decisions for you. Leos are having to build things up and when Venus is in your sign during the period between late July to August 21 the happiness factor is enhanced. The message of 2019 is to open your eyes to everything,

As Uranus returns to a position it held between May and November last year – but this time for a 7 year stay, your whole concept of what you want to achieve in life is radically altering. If you are dissatisfied with your prospects, dulled by routine or simply feeling you are not living your true purpose, 2019 is the year to make a u-turn and take off in a different direction. However, you also have a lot of responsibility to fulfil so it is not as if you are totally free as a bird. It’s a question of finding the right balance. The Summer months are the best to pursue your goals. As always, with Neptune in the 8th – do not enter into any joint financial ventures without properly checking things out,