• Wed - Nov 20 - 2019

New late May stars are up.

New late May stars are up. Check out the mega aspects that are coming to a sign near you!

Debbie in New York

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  • Dr Doreen Manson says:

    Hi Debbie!! Imelda told me I could contact you via this web page. I have tried to email your earlier address and sent you text messages but heard nothing. I hope this effort is more of a success. I do hope you are all well. Your web page seems very positive as if you are now enjoying life. I do hope so. Alan and I have split up! His problems were accumulating and just leaking out one ata time as crises and I had got to the point where it was making me ill. I have not written him off but he absolutely needs to take his head out of the sand and start facing his problems and I now realise that I have to step back and not try to do it for him because it gets nowhere. Please reply asap if you get this message so that I know we can still be in touch
    Lots and Lots of love
    Doreen xxxxx
    PS. Big hugs and kisses to Lu-Lu Mei

  • admin says:

    Dear Doreen, lovely to hear from you – didn’t get any of your other messages, but so glad you got in touch. I will call you, much love Debbiexxx

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