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Clarity and confusion
November 15, 2015

We get the super-perceptive Sun/Mercury combo in Scorpio this week giving x-ray vision and then Neptune stalling and moving direct again after 5 months – our perspective is changing. The landscape is altering as new information comes to light and what we used to think is cast in doubt.

The Librans and the Scorpion Have It!
November 8, 2015

Two signs stand out this week as Venus and Mars heat up Libra and the New Moon in Scorpio kick-starts a big leap forward for Scorpio these people are the movers and shakers. Yet if you are born under one of the other ten signs you are not left out! The planets pulsate with positive energy, creating an atmosphere that’s conducive to good vibrations all round.

Taurus Full Moon
October 24, 2015

The Full Moon releases old energy, whatever has been simmering on the cauldron for the last month …… Halloween approaches with its interplay between the dark and light forces but offset with the spiritually enlightened energy of the Sun and Neptune. When you switch the light on, the dark vanishes.

The last word ….
October 18, 2015

Mercury is lining up for the third clash with powerful Pluto on Thursday finally clearing up a situation. Say what needs to be said and make the connection with the deeper truth that gives the insight. Afterwards, the capacity to let go is the greatest skill, as replaying old thoughts keeps everything stuck.

What tips our scales?
October 11, 2015


At the Libra New Moon we’re all likely to feel the swing of the scales especially as planet Uranus is throwing lightning bolts from across the way in Aries. It’s breakthrough, break-up, it’s aha, wow, instant attraction and sudden endings! Be prepared…..

October 4, 2015

It’s not so much easing into October but being jolted into the new month as the cosmos is a cacophany of conflict, spinning us off in different directions. We don’t know whether we should engage intensely and passionately or just shrug our shoulders and not mind and we veer between the two. Stay calm and carry on! The New Moon on October 13th will change all this.

September 20, 2015

Autumn Equinox time changes the vibrational energy as the planets start their Winter course and the cosmic energy gathers in what has been activated so far this year. Mars moves into Virgo, sign of health and efficiency as we try to focus on priorities. Although Mercury retrograde is distracting, we are lining up for the powerful totally eclipsed Full Moon on Monday 28th – which is a big significator of completion.

Post-eclipse and Saturn to Sag
September 13, 2015

A solar eclipse is a vital time to call in the new and to focus on practical elements in your life since the sign of Virgo is all about being grounded. On the surface, information is skittering around due to Mercury’s slow-down and retrograde distracting the mental body from it’s linear progression and thought patterns. So it’s a perfect moment to withdraw from thinking too much and instead focus on the longer term cycle that brings Saturn out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius taking us all through to Christmas 2017. Saturn’s last passage through Scorpio this Summer has been gut-wrenching alongside the Venus retrograde. Scorpio is such an intense sign and Saturn has been asking us to face our fears, look at every area that is negative and be brave enough to deal with it rather than simply carrying on. On Friday Saturn’s journey through Scorpio ends and it passes through to the centaur Sagittarius where it focuses on where we hope to go in our lives whether that is a physical location or a mental destination. We are setting off on a long-haul adenture.

September 8, 2015

The ancients regarded eclipses as THE most powerful tool in astrology – we may have more sophisticated techniques and telescopes these days but eclipses still pack a powerful punch and there are two of them in September. First up is the eclipsed New Moon in Virgo on Sunday – Regulus and Jupiter are also in this zone and the Virgo themes of health, pure food, hygiene and efficiency are up up up – watch for medical discoveries, eco and nutrition as the big news. Fasting instead of fast food….

What is real?
August 30, 2015

The Full Moon fever has created a cloud of illusion that slowly dissipates this week as people get back down to earth, return to work and thinking about business as usual. Venus will also turn around like a goddess who’s back has been turned all Summer so we see her face again and recognise what is really going on in relationships.

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