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Post-eclipse and Saturn to Sag
September 13, 2015

A solar eclipse is a vital time to call in the new and to focus on practical elements in your life since the sign of Virgo is all about being grounded. On the surface, information is skittering around due to Mercury’s slow-down and retrograde distracting the mental body from it’s linear progression and thought patterns. So it’s a perfect moment to withdraw from thinking too much and instead focus on the longer term cycle that brings Saturn out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius taking us all through to Christmas 2017. Saturn’s last passage through Scorpio this Summer has been gut-wrenching alongside the Venus retrograde. Scorpio is such an intense sign and Saturn has been asking us to face our fears, look at every area that is negative and be brave enough to deal with it rather than simply carrying on. On Friday Saturn’s journey through Scorpio ends and it passes through to the centaur Sagittarius where it focuses on where we hope to go in our lives whether that is a physical location or a mental destination. We are setting off on a long-haul adenture.

September 8, 2015

The ancients regarded eclipses as THE most powerful tool in astrology – we may have more sophisticated techniques and telescopes these days but eclipses still pack a powerful punch and there are two of them in September. First up is the eclipsed New Moon in Virgo on Sunday – Regulus and Jupiter are also in this zone and the Virgo themes of health, pure food, hygiene and efficiency are up up up – watch for medical discoveries, eco and nutrition as the big news. Fasting instead of fast food….

What is real?
August 30, 2015

The Full Moon fever has created a cloud of illusion that slowly dissipates this week as people get back down to earth, return to work and thinking about business as usual. Venus will also turn around like a goddess who’s back has been turned all Summer so we see her face again and recognise what is really going on in relationships.

MY SITE WILL BE UPDATED ON TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 8TH as I’m going to get the scoop on New York. Follow me on Scorpiodebbie……

Jupiter – grandiosity and good times
August 23, 2015

So Sun and Jupiter join in holy matrimony this week in the puritan sign of Virgo – quite a contradiction as Virgo is so uptight and proper, whilst Jupiter is the let it all hang out planet. What does living better mean to you – is it Virgo wheatgrass or Jupiter’s red carpet? On top of it this as we approach the Full Moon in ethereal Pisces close to Neptune, planet of illusion, we could all be off on one this weekend.

What does Saturn ask of us?
August 16, 2015

As Saturn has been stuck at 28 degrees of Scorpio since early July we have been dealing with a relentless force, a constant push towards dealing with what is unconscious, deep and dark. At the same time the Leo energy has produced bright glimmers of hope, yet on Friday as the Sun in Leo clashes with Saturn we are being put to the test. Is there a limit to what we are prepared to put up with? Can we break free from old ties and karma? We are looking at boundaries, reality and where our ego (Leo) has been put through its paces by the demands of Saturn that strip us bare, expose us to the truth and ultimately bringing us to a place of deep inner knowing, transcendence and transformation. It is a crisis of consciousness, we need to face all the most difficult truths…. in the mix are the desires that control us, the fears that manipulate us. Only by looking at them can we change how we deal with them.

From me-me-me to you-you-you
August 9, 2015

The departure of Jupiter from Leo where it’s been for the last 13 months has been a big ego time! Now as this planet moves to the more service oriented Virgo we’re looking at a new 12 month period of health and efficiency. Yup, that’s true for everyone, no matter what sign you are.
A little squeak of Prima Donna still comes in with the Leo New Moon close to Venus on Friday – yes, let’s hear it for love.

Half full/Half empty
August 2, 2015

As Jupiter and Saturn conflict, pulling in Venus and Mercury with them it’s a real tension between opposite choices, dynamics and people. We have to be careful not to see everything in duality: good/bad, black/white but try to establish the relationship between the opposites and see where they mix and can come together. Besides, with Venus retrograde all sorts of crazy things are giving wrong signals in relationships.

Aquarius Full Moon
July 26, 2015


Friday’s Full Moon in Aquarius co-incides with Venus reversing back into the opposite sign of Leo – this can re-constellate star crossed lovers….

Venus – why the love department is crazy this Summer
July 19, 2015

This week Venus starts slowing down, reaching a standstill next Saturday 25th in Virgo before turning backwards out of Virgo through Leo and reversing all the way through to September 6th. It could be an emotional cul-de-sac, a change of heart, a time when all the exes get in touch. Whatever walk down memory lane you are taking, remember that the heart is changing gear this Summer, people are feeling different. You are going to be pulled back into something that you need to work out.

Rollercoaster Ride
July 12, 2015

The Cosmos is shaking us up this week – but during times like this we can transform literally everything if we’re brave enough!

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