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July 24, 2016

Gemini Donald has the gift of the gab and with his Sun placed so close to outspoken Uranus he can put his foot in his mouth too. Now he has achieved the nomination for the Republican Party will his run of luck end there? He is a mighty competitor with fiery Mars on his Leo ascendant and around the time of the election he will be having his Jupiter return which could create a popularity surge. Yet Scorpio Hilary Clinton is a powerful and resilient contender for the Democrats. Not one to be underestimated, as Donald surely does.

Apologies for the ‘big purple shape’ which is obscuring some stars on this website…. I hope we can sort this out soon….

From one end of the scale to another
July 17, 2016

Exit Libran David Cameron to make way for new Libran Prime Minister Theresa May. Margaret Thatcher our only other female Prime Minister was also a Libra – what is it with this sign that pops up in the power house of Number 10? Libra is not just a pretty face, ruler Venus is also the frequency of high intelligence, negotiation and political savvy. Libra is not necessarily peaceful either – they enjoy the cut and thrust of differing opinions but their goal is to restore harmony. Theresa May’s Moon is conjunct Pluto the ultimate planet of power, intrigue and transformation. She is ultra resilient and strongly imbued with the personal resources and survival instincts needed to position herself within the corridors of power.

July 10, 2016

Uranus is the pop-up planet that disrupts and changes everything. It’s all exciting if you like that kind of thing and of course, many signs don’t! Actually Uranus is really a bit bonkers and that’s the best way to look at all the crazy things that are going to crop up….

Brexit and the mid-life crisis
June 26, 2016

Whatever the fall-out from this tumultuous referendum, the astrology reflects that moment of announcing a divorce. The chart for joining the EEC as it was called in 1973 is now in its mid-life crisis and the UK is acting out like it’s having an affair and wants freedom but with no specific idea of how it’s all going to work. The urge to do something new must be heard. The England chart for 1066 (the crowning of William the Conqueror) is experiencing Uranus, Ceres and Eris on the Ascendant – a rare, ground-breaking explosion of energy that signifies unprecedented revolution. There is something that is coming to consciousness here, there is meaning in these events even if it causes destruction and mayhem. It takes a while to settle down: this a massive period of change and the reverberations will be seismic for years to come.

Uranus and the electrical impulse
June 12, 2016

After the heavy cosmic cross we get a power surge from Uranus the planet of lightning and electricity. So expect your voltage and wattage to increase! The circuits are being upgraded to allow for greater perception. We need this in order to handle the Saturn-Neptune clash which is hanging in the heavens making us all wonder what is really true, where we should draw the line and indeed if real life is stranger than fiction.

Higher Frequency
June 5, 2016

Thank you to all my website readers who got in touch this week and I will be explaining to you exactly what is going on in the heavens during our sessions. In the meantime, the crunch point of the Grand Cross was in the early hours of Sunday morning so now we are calming down a little although the slower moving planets, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune are still in place. It’s important to know how to move things onto a higher frequency so we resonate above our problems – that is where the solutions lie.

Cosmic Grand Cross
May 29, 2016

If ever there was a time for personal consultation it is now…. this week’s astrology throws a Grand Cross which involves the Sun and New Moon in Gemini together with Venus across from Saturn in Sagittarius and at 90 degree angles to both Jupiter in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces. What does it all mean?
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Into the Fire
May 14, 2016

After weeks of total immersion in the Earth element for all of us we are now approaching the Sagittarian Full Moon which adds fire into the mix and the Sun will move into Gemini creating cool breezes and animated exchanges. This Full Moon is one of two that will fall in the sign of the archer this year, the next being in June. So we get a double whammy of all that is characteristic of over-the-top, exuberant, playful Sagittarian energy – what’s not to like!

What’s going on in the heavens?
May 8, 2016

Such a lot of incredible energy involving the earth signs that it’s great to be grounded and get on with practical things. However, the Mercury, Mars retrogrades are tripping us up and making us mad and hyper-sensitive. Schedules are changing, nothing is straight forward – however there is also the sense that rising to the challenge is empowering. Giving us a psychic six-pack!

Luscious May
May 1, 2016

It’s a beautiful beginning to the new month of May as the cosmos is showcasing some fabulous potential. Look past the minor irritations of the retrograde planets and be open to what is here to enjoy right in front of you.

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