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20 Years
August 30, 2017

Total Solar Eclipse August 21st 2017
August 21, 2017

See you on the other side!

Epic Eclipses
July 30, 2017

So much fire in the cosmos – raging out of control and a pair of eclipses in August, one of which is a total solar eclipse on August 21st. It’s all very intense so remember to breathe, stand back and stay cool.

What a Summer!
July 23, 2017

Fire is everywhere with the Sun and Mars in Leo, Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius. It’s vibrant, dynamic and perhaps too much for other elements to handle comfortably. Yet with a pair of eclipses coming up – one of which is a total eclipse in Leo on August 21st we have to step out of that comfort zone and engage with things differently in order to truly live rather than being on auto-pilot.

Not so subtle…..
July 16, 2017

People think the planets exude subtle signals which are hard to read. However, sometimes they download a major burst that no-one can miss.

Next week’s stars are up
July 10, 2017
The big stuff….
July 3, 2017

Whenever powerful Pluto is magnified in the heavens (this week positioned close to the Full Moon in Capricorn) then we are sure to experience life on an epic scale. It feels more intense than usual, we are more likely to be triggered by other people and situations that challenge us. However, during these aspects we can make amazing changes that empower us to finally overcome and resolve the past.

Theresa’s Neptune encounter
June 11, 2017

As Theresa May decided to call a General Election with nebulous Neptune conjoining her Mars she invoked the disappointment of this confidence-undermining planet on her action plan. This is a long term aspect – so more adjustments to come….

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Mars versus Saturn
May 28, 2017

Battles, wars, aggression are the stuff of Mars whilst Saturn is the karma, the consequences, the defences that are put in place. No easy answers here.

Gemini time
May 21, 2017

Gemini is the sign of sociability, social media, communication and ideas. Late May is active and restless with so many things going on at once. Unless you really are a Gemini juggler yourself then you need to make sure you’re not scattering your energy all over the place.

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