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Wow factors and dramatic edges
October 16, 2016

This is a crazy cosmos. We have to realise that all things must change and in the current climate perhaps in a radical way. It is crunch time in the world, in the global economies and political strategies, for humanitarian issues. Does it have to be all about ego and power-plays or can some really transformative action make a difference?

October 9, 2016

Even those people who find it hard to understand astrology can sometimes have a direct experience of the cosmos at work. Recently I found myself talking to a Capricorn who was telling me that he loved eating crab but found himself disappointed when the seemingly largest, juiciest on offer turned out to be ‘full of water’ rather than succulent crab-meat. It turns out crabs will only eat at certain times of the lunar cycle he told me. I rest my case!

13th sign
October 2, 2016

NASA has thrown a lot of people into a quandary about their sun sign. In fact, the Precession of the Equinoxes that means the signs are gradually shifting backwards is nothing new to astrologers. The Indian Vedic astrologers do indeed use a different star measurement system so if you have ever had your Vedic chart interpreted you will be used to the idea of being a different sign and this can be viewed in conjunction with, or as a layer to your Western chart. However, in Western Astrology we used the equinoxes to plot the positions of the planets and your sun sign and all other planetary positions are unaffected by the 13th sign.

Mars into Capricorn
September 25, 2016

The whole of 2016 has been dominated by the back and forth motion of Mars between Scorpio and Sagittarius. It has all been a long, slow process. However as Mars is now in the upwardly mobile sign of Capricorn there’s a new trajectory, a purpose that creates new forms and structure over the next six weeks. The universe is smiling thanks to the Jupiter effect in Libra – with the New Moon next Saturday offering a chance to press the re-set button on relationships.

Full Stop.
September 18, 2016

The heavens have been mixing things up for quite a while, yet Thursday’s Autumn Equinox enables us to hit the pause button as day and night are of equal length and on that exact day Mercury stands still and then turns direct.   The grammar of the universe allows an inflection point.  A breathing space.  For the new sentence in our lives, the new beginning.

Turbulent Cosmos
September 11, 2016

Fasten your seat belts – it’s going to be quite a ride this week.  An eclipse alters the natural balance of light and dark and creates that void space when light is blocked out.  When it returns we can perceive things differently.


Apologies to some signs that are still unable to see their weekly page correctly.   I am working on it …..

Jupiter in Libra: connect, collaborate, create
September 4, 2016

From September 9th Jupiter will be resident in Libra, sign of partnership, connection and harmony which is a great thing for all of us, no matter what sign you are.  It is all positive for life, love and the universe and the next year will be abundant with opportunities to move forward in relationships.

Glitches, hitches, eclipses
August 28, 2016

Dear All

I am back from Bali where I had an astrology residency at the amazing Four Seasons – I  worked with some amazing clients and enjoyed leading some workshops.  The highlight of my trip was most certainly a water purification ceremony with Bali’s only High Priestess high up in the countryside above Ubud.

It was a very moving, spiritual experience and certainly shifted a lot of energy.

Please be patient as I am experiencing huge technical problems with computers and updating this website – Mercury nearing retrograde is an issue that I am not immune from!

The eclipse on September  Ist is a game changer for everyone as it pinballs off Saturn and Neptune – more veils of illusion lifted to reveal reality.

Mars and Saturn
August 23, 2016

Here it is. The crunch, the moment of truth, even if we still wish it wasn’t so, the universe is delivering a verdict on a long unfolding situation.

August stars
July 31, 2016

Hello followers and friends,
You’ll see that you have got an extended version of your weekly stars. I will update again just before Mars meets with Saturn on the 24th. In the meantime, the weekly phone lines are always there for extra guidance on each week…..
Stay strong and wise

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