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April Fool
March 27, 2016

The tarot card of The Fool is a match for this week’s cosmic constellation which revolves around Mercury in forthright Aries. As Mercury fires off against Saturn, Pluto and Uranus over the next few days we experience those mental triggers that take us to a new place, a different point of view and a choice over whether we want to re-visit old wars or free ourselves.

Libra Eclipsed Full Moon
March 20, 2016

This week’s eclipsed Full Moon is the final one in a series of eclipses that began in Autumn 2013 and many of my clients are reporting some kind of resonance between what is happening now and what happened then. Any endings are also underlined by the Spring Equinox energy which propels us into a fresh start.

Betwixt and between….
March 13, 2016

The power surge of the pair of eclipses in March creates a strong frequency that can wire us or leave us temporarily wiped… we are re-constellating, re-configuring, like sat-navs with a change of direction!

Total Solar Eclipse
March 6, 2016

Wednesday’s total solar eclipse in Pisces is part of a huge line up across the signs of Pisces and Virgo. It’s certainly a turning point and can be big for news headlines in the form of breakthroughs and leadership. It’s head versus heart, it’s wake up or go back to sleep, it’s now or never….

The Scorpios have it!
February 29, 2016

Oscar winning Leonardo De Caprio finally clinched the best actor Academy Award – it goes to show that Scorpios have to truly go through big endurance tests to access their super-powers. It took 6 Oscar nominations and a gruelling survival film for this Scorp.

February 21, 2016

Virgo – busy, analytical, anxious, OCD, cynical, practical
Pisces – laid back, intuitive, escapist, avoidant, trusting, spiritual

Well here we are pulled between these two energies with the Full Moon in Virgo on Monday and the next few weeks only increase that split between head and heart as the total solar eclipse in Pisces on March 9th is an inflection point…. it’s going to be an interesting time.

Water bearers to Mermaids
February 14, 2016

On Friday the Sun moves from Aquarius the water bearer, to Pisces – the mystical, mermaid of the zodiac. As there is going to be a total solar eclipse in Pisces on March 9th this is a potent time for the Pisceans….

Chinese New Year/Aquarian New Moon and Valentines
February 7, 2016

There’s a mash-up in the heavens this week as the Aquarian New Moon that triggers Chinese New Year brings the Year of the Monkey just before Valentines.
Perhaps we can see the cosmic joke in this – actually the Monkey is an agile improvisor, full of charm, versatile and sociable. So this is a fast forward year. Happy Valentines which falls under the Taurus Moon – solid, sensual and slow…..

Psychic clutter
January 31, 2016

The emotional debris, junk and psychic clutter that surfaces when Venus entangles with Pluto and Uranus reveals the kind of baggage people carry into relationships. Put yourself in a bubble of light and consciously try to elevate……

Mercury, the winged messenger does the two-step
January 24, 2016

Straight after Sunday’s Full Moon Mercury slides to a halt. Astronomically, this is an optical illusion, Mercury doesn’t actually stand still – merely appears to (So typical of the trickster energy of this planet!). Then as Mercury moves towards his final in a series of 3 meetings with Pluto, planet of truth – there is a chance we can get a lot resolved by the end of January.

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