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What is most important now?
December 4, 2016

So easy at this time of year to get distracted. Especially as the party planets propel us into a good time to be had by all. Yet the Sun is going to join Saturn, Lord of Karma on Saturday and therefore it’s time to get real about what we are doing, how next year is shaping up, in fact whether we are on-track and in alignment or way out of line.

The work of an astrologer
November 27, 2016

It’s interesting what kinds of things are presented to me by clients. Will I look at whether a business venture has wings, when is the right time to launch. Should they be with x or y? What is happening as they are feeling stuck, or anxious to make a big move? What is their Karma, their life purpose?
As above, so below. We look at the cosmos to see the journey of the soul. Then we also have free will, and astrology itself is a multi-tonal language with an endless variety of interpretations and nuances. It is a complex business, but fascinating.

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The cosmos is throwing shapes
November 20, 2016

Yes, this is what the cosmos does – the celestial weather patterns change as freqently as the terrestial ones. We have been through a Supermoon followed by a time of feeling a bit dazed and confused. Next up is a period of huge intensity.

November 13, 2016

The beautiful Taurean Supermoon peaks on Monday afternoon – the closest the Full Moon has been to earth since 1948. This is powerful as any Full Moon raises the emotional temperature but these lunar rays are magnifying feelings to an incredible degree.

Gemini v Scorpio
November 6, 2016

The Trump is a twin tower whilst Hillary is a Sorceress Scorpio – this may be why they have created such a polarization as these two signs occupy two very different energy bodies. Gemini is about the rhetoric, the sleight of hand as a showman, the capacity to ‘win’ people whilst Scorpio is about the real power, the darker side of human nature, the secrets (that only her secret server knows). Who will win? It’s a close call….. I can’t possibly say but what we do know is that the winner is not necessarily the winner. That this isn’t the end of the tension but the beginning…..

Going off like a rocket!
October 30, 2016

Halloween in the wake of the New Moon in the sorceress sign of Scorpio and then Guy Fawkes night on the 5th with a razzle dazzle pow wow between Venus and Uranus. As above so below!

October 23, 2016

Last week I was stranded on the Jubilee line as announcements proclaimed ‘this train is being held underground’. Such a fitting symbol for the Mars-Pluto conjunction going on. That sense of not being able to move, being under the control of the ‘powers that be’ whilst a suspect package was being examined at the other end of the line which was indeed found to be explosive. A time of reflection, an uncomfortable moment, it could have been worse…..

Wow factors and dramatic edges
October 16, 2016

This is a crazy cosmos. We have to realise that all things must change and in the current climate perhaps in a radical way. It is crunch time in the world, in the global economies and political strategies, for humanitarian issues. Does it have to be all about ego and power-plays or can some really transformative action make a difference?

October 9, 2016

Even those people who find it hard to understand astrology can sometimes have a direct experience of the cosmos at work. Recently I found myself talking to a Capricorn who was telling me that he loved eating crab but found himself disappointed when the seemingly largest, juiciest on offer turned out to be ‘full of water’ rather than succulent crab-meat. It turns out crabs will only eat at certain times of the lunar cycle he told me. I rest my case!

13th sign
October 2, 2016

NASA has thrown a lot of people into a quandary about their sun sign. In fact, the Precession of the Equinoxes that means the signs are gradually shifting backwards is nothing new to astrologers. The Indian Vedic astrologers do indeed use a different star measurement system so if you have ever had your Vedic chart interpreted you will be used to the idea of being a different sign and this can be viewed in conjunction with, or as a layer to your Western chart. However, in Western Astrology we used the equinoxes to plot the positions of the planets and your sun sign and all other planetary positions are unaffected by the 13th sign.

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