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Higher Frequency
June 5, 2016

Thank you to all my website readers who got in touch this week and I will be explaining to you exactly what is going on in the heavens during our sessions. In the meantime, the crunch point of the Grand Cross was in the early hours of Sunday morning so now we are calming down a little although the slower moving planets, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune are still in place. It’s important to know how to move things onto a higher frequency so we resonate above our problems – that is where the solutions lie.

Cosmic Grand Cross
May 29, 2016

If ever there was a time for personal consultation it is now…. this week’s astrology throws a Grand Cross which involves the Sun and New Moon in Gemini together with Venus across from Saturn in Sagittarius and at 90 degree angles to both Jupiter in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces. What does it all mean?
Get in touch to book a personal reading with me… through the contact button on this website.

Into the Fire
May 14, 2016

After weeks of total immersion in the Earth element for all of us we are now approaching the Sagittarian Full Moon which adds fire into the mix and the Sun will move into Gemini creating cool breezes and animated exchanges. This Full Moon is one of two that will fall in the sign of the archer this year, the next being in June. So we get a double whammy of all that is characteristic of over-the-top, exuberant, playful Sagittarian energy – what’s not to like!

What’s going on in the heavens?
May 8, 2016

Such a lot of incredible energy involving the earth signs that it’s great to be grounded and get on with practical things. However, the Mercury, Mars retrogrades are tripping us up and making us mad and hyper-sensitive. Schedules are changing, nothing is straight forward – however there is also the sense that rising to the challenge is empowering. Giving us a psychic six-pack!

Luscious May
May 1, 2016

It’s a beautiful beginning to the new month of May as the cosmos is showcasing some fabulous potential. Look past the minor irritations of the retrograde planets and be open to what is here to enjoy right in front of you.

The Persephone Moment
April 17, 2016

Not the week to eat pomegranates if you want to avoid a trip to the underworld!
As Venus stares at Pluto, god of the underworld, before being whisked off by wild-child Uranus and all of this is followed by the Scorpio Full Moon we are on notice to keep things simple…..

Just back from New York
April 12, 2016

Soho House in New York was the venue for my workshop on Alchemy and the Stars last Saturday night and it was a fabulous evening that engendered that NY-Lon thing I love.

Next up: Unlock your Destiny at Shoreditch House in London on Sunday April 17th together with Ann-Louise Holland – we are working our StarShala insights into what’s going on this year.

April Fool
March 27, 2016

The tarot card of The Fool is a match for this week’s cosmic constellation which revolves around Mercury in forthright Aries. As Mercury fires off against Saturn, Pluto and Uranus over the next few days we experience those mental triggers that take us to a new place, a different point of view and a choice over whether we want to re-visit old wars or free ourselves.

Libra Eclipsed Full Moon
March 20, 2016

This week’s eclipsed Full Moon is the final one in a series of eclipses that began in Autumn 2013 and many of my clients are reporting some kind of resonance between what is happening now and what happened then. Any endings are also underlined by the Spring Equinox energy which propels us into a fresh start.

Betwixt and between….
March 13, 2016

The power surge of the pair of eclipses in March creates a strong frequency that can wire us or leave us temporarily wiped… we are re-constellating, re-configuring, like sat-navs with a change of direction!

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