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The world of duality…..
September 9, 2019

As the bottom line of tidy Virgo gets pummelled by the tsunami of the Pisces Full Moon we see the dualistic forces of life in their full glory. For every view and action there is an opposite. For every answer there is another question, for every result there is another quest. The Virgo-Pisces polarity is so head versus heart, body versus soul, order versus chaos, linear versus quantum….. its going to be an interesting week!

Virgo Overload
September 1, 2019

You would think with the Sun, recent New Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars in the sign of the Vestal Virgin that everything in life would be pure and perfect with triple guarantees of satisfaction at every turn. Nooooo, because Virgo can be snippy and snappy, sarcastic and nit-picky, never fully allowing themselves to relax into opening up their arms to the universe but catching each little situation and hair out of place for further analysis! Never forget this is the sign of micro-management, quality control and trading standards…. read the small print and don’t for one minute think they won’t notice!

5 out of 10 heavenly bodies in Virgo…..
August 24, 2019

Wow – what a line up! Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars in Virgo by the end of the week – we have to focus, define, choose and analyse exactly where we stand and why we are there.

August 18, 2019

We’ve had quite a summer so far of the big splash Leo planets but now it’s time to get real, to look at functionality, efficiency, how things work, how we may help instead of how we may get the kudos. It’s a coming back down to earth which requires us to refine our thinking, re-calibrate, be more precise and see what we can do for others to make things work.

Aquarius Full Moon
August 8, 2019

This Full Moon highlights the peak of Summer with the Sun and Venus perfectly aligned – all is full on for Full Moon Fever!

August stars are up!
August 5, 2019

Hey we are back in the techno-flow. All glitches are fixed, all stars are here! Thank you for your patience.

Glitches on this website
August 4, 2019

Dear All,
Especially Aries and Libra – so sorry your weekly update is not working and there are no August stars up yet. This site has been suffering from Mercury retrograde syndrome and although Mercury itself may be fixed, the website is not yet functioning properly.
My weekly audio stars are available in the meantime – please bear with me and hopefully normal service will be resumed soon.
Best wishes

Leo New Moon
July 28, 2019

As so many celestial bodies are in the fire sign Leo and Jupiter is resident in Sagittarius (also in the fire element) this is far from a sleepy Summer week but more likely a hotbed of activity.

Mercury Retrograde
July 21, 2019

Whilst ‘defining moments’ appear to be taking place politically, the fact that Mercury is retrograde means that all results are reversible, that nothing is what it seems and cover-ups and revelations are all part of this mix.

Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn
July 15, 2019

Fascinating how the lunar eclipse falling so close to Saturn and Pluto is giving us some kind of inside track on the early part of 2020 which astrologers know is ‘the big one’ with the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto – bastions of power and authority at a crunch point. What kind of cover ups are going on at this time, what is being revealed? Where are the weak spots, sore points and machinations of power whirring away for their own ends? Watch this space and check back in January…… astrology is truly the study of cycles and points in time, some of which is simple mathematics as planetary positions form, dissolve and repeat, telling a story which perhaps some people thought would never be told …..

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