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Saturn-Pluto – they can never tear us apart
March 3, 2013

Just watching Torvill and Dean after all these years just rocking it on ice with all that passion and precision that made them Olympic champions back in 1984. Now dancing to Michael Hutchence’s They Can Never Tear Us Apart – there’s something about these two with this song and way they come back stronger even after all these years that’s truly breath-taking. A bit like the Saturn-Pluto energy that’s dominant now.

By the way. If you’ve been trying to contact me through the button on-site there has been a glitch on the system. Please do re-send your message.

Daniel makes it a hat-trick!
February 25, 2013

Taurean Daniel Day-Lewis scoops a third Oscar when Saturn is on his case. Just goes to show what a bad rap Saturn gets for bringer of doom and gloom. Every planet has its upside and Saturn is also reward for a good job well done, for hard work, for perseverance. It’s Karma. We can only assume a Taurean like Daniel born under the sign of legendary staying power is a symbol of what can be achieved when you just keep on going to the best of your ability.

Be a buddha baby
February 17, 2013

Sun and Neptune – always an interesting one… Tells us where we can be blissed out or are in danger of losing the plot. Ah that gap between heaven and earth. It’s a fine line always. These aspects are really about where we can be healed on a deeper level. Late February carries the cosmic healing signature. Meditation can be the way to download more energy, heal those old wounds and get some enlightment. Even if you’ve never done it before. Try breathing, dreaming and sending yourself some positive light and see what happens.

Snake bites and Valentines!
February 10, 2013

This is the week of Chinese New Year – the transformational snake is the zodiac emblem of 2013 and of course it’s Valentines. An interesting combo! But perhaps the most fascinating cosmic activity this week is the NEO – otherwise known as the Near to Earth Object – the largest one so far. This can be best viewed on Friday evening 8 – 8.30 pm with binoculars in the UK. Start looking at the Plough and the meteor/asteroid fragment will be seen in this area.

Mercury, Mars and Neptune …
February 4, 2013

Stare at a pre-raphaelite painting and you’ll get the gist of Mercury, Mars and Neptune in Pisces.

Saturn says….
January 27, 2013

It’s back to work with sensible Saturn centre stage. Saturn the planet that rules the rules… don’t even think of breaking them!

The Lion is King!
January 20, 2013

The run-up to the Leo Full Moon can bring out the prima donna principle. But if you want some fun – that’s show-biz…

Venus – Pluto: Is it possible to go from this to this?
January 13, 2013


January’s clear up campaign
January 6, 2013


Mars and Saturn, Mercury and Pluto – the signature that says get on with it, deal with it, resolve it. However, we can all expect some artistic licence, creative inspiration or escapism too and later in the week with the New Moon a feeling that 2013 is truly underway.

Happy New Year
December 31, 2012

Wishing all my friends, clients and followers a fabulous year where you really can fix your wishes to a star.
Check your 2013 stars here, call my phone-line or have a personal reading with me – email me at debbiefrankonline@googlemail.com for a consultation.

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