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August copy is up
July 31, 2012

August begins and ends with a Full Moon – so it’s going to be special. Read your August stars for more details and there’s more on your telephone line for the month and weeks to come.
Next week’s on-line copy will be up next Wednesday (put it down to the Mercury station and Debbie’s holiday)

Reach for the stars!
July 29, 2012

The spectacular Olympic opening ceremony in London was proof that a little bit of magic raises our sights, our hopes and morale. Acclaimed as the most ingenious and quirky reflection of the UK it encapsulated the originality and power of the current Uranus-Pluto pattern that dominates the heavens.

Leo and the Sun
July 22, 2012

The sun is out now it’s in Leo! Leo is ruled by this bright healing energy and we all need the Vitamin D3 from being around a Leo or feeling the Sun’s warmth.

The turn-around T-square
July 15, 2012

Mercury is retrograde now and coupled with this is the volatile T Square formed by Mars in Libra at odds with Uranus and Pluto. It’s a tough one that transforms situations and often in the most uncomfortable way. We all need the grit of an Olympic athlete to get through.

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Bull v Lion
July 8, 2012

So Roger Federer has triumphed again – the King of the Jungle proving too much for the bull. Meanwhile Jonathan Marry – Piscean, showed the inspired nature of this sign winning the men’s doubles with a fluid movement that encapsulated the perfection of the Piscean dream.

Mars in Libra
July 1, 2012

On Tuesday Mars finally moves out of Virgo (where it’s been since last November). Librans are the new
recipients of the red planet’s drive and energy. Also activated are Capricorn, Cancer and Aries who will all experience the dynamic thrust of Mars the warrior god in the sign of peace.

Spark of Life
June 25, 2012

Michaelangelo was onto something when he painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.
Sometimes the force of life is passed to us. Something wakes us up. This week we will all get plugged in.

Even Ashton Kutcher is onto Uranus Pluto
June 17, 2012

Technical whizz that he is, in addition to everything else, Ashton Kutcher is on the lookout for new ways to invest in technology. His description of looking for ‘that thing that’s so magical or so disruptive that you don’t understand how it works’ is very Uranus/Pluto – the main cosmic theme of the moment. He was speaking at a Silicon Valley conference aptly called TechDisrupt.

Uranus – Pluto are due to form the next in a series of exact stand-offs next weekend and we are all experiencing disruption to our lives in the forms of challenges. Our very own Eurozone nightmare, personal tsunami, mini showdown or whatever.

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Abundant Jupiter moves into Gemini!
June 10, 2012

News update on the Mayans
May 27, 2012

On the walls of a 9th century house recently excavated in Guatemala, archeologists
have discovered the oldest Mayan astronomical calculations in a domestic setting.
These calculations defy the belief that the Mayans thought the world would end in December
2012 as they continue 7,000 years into the future. So that’s alright then!

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