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Christmas Time
December 12, 2010

The stars are hardly in perfect alignment in the run-up to Christmas – it’s likely to produce the flip side in all of the signs. Here is a light-hearted guess as to how you may be feeling…

Aries: I just want this to be over with as soon as possible
Taurus: As long as the food is good everything will be OK.
Gemini: I can be a terrific or a terrible twin all in the space of a day
Cancer: Where have all my childhood decorations gone?
Leo: Oh really you shouldn’t have (only the biggest and best will do for me!)
Virgo: If I can’t find the exact type of organic cranberries I need everything will go to pieces
Libra: Stop fighting everyone, I’m tired of being referee.
Scorpio: Is anyone enjoying themselves without me?
Sagittarius: Spend, spend, spend…
Capricorn: Look, I’m in charge…
Aquarius: All this traditionsl stuff is so, so boring.
Pisces: I still believe in Santa so don’t let me down

December 5, 2010

The loose connections of a Mercury retrograde cycle can be hard to unravel.
Wednesday’s New Moon brings a fresh slant for all and an aha moment for Virgo.
Venus into Scorpio is a real Biba moment – and Jupiter’s return to Pisces has to be a watershed.

December stars are up
December 3, 2010

At last
November 21, 2010

We just witnessed the Cancer-Capricorn Milliband clash – now we get the magnetic attraction between these opposite signs with Kate and William. Kate’s earthy, contained nature is a perfect foil for William’s sensitivity. Capricorn is renowned for their capacity to persevere and they can wait a long time to achieve their ambition so the seven year courtship was the right test for the right person. Both Kate and William share a Cancer Moon sign which generates enormous empathy and understanding between them, they are so comfortable together, so at home. Unusually, they both have Mars at nearly the same degree of Libra – a great indication of a working partnership (something Diana so desired when she married Charles). Even more interesting is the fact that Carole Middleton’s Mars is also placed here – so she’s got a major role in this relationship. William’s Sun in Cancer is so close to Michael Middleton’s it’s not much wonder they share a close bond and Kate is practically marrying her father in terms of personality. I could go on… but I will come back to the new royal couple later. For now, congratulations!

New Stars are UP !
November 14, 2010
November 7, 2010

Press the re-wind button. We’re going back in time as Venus back-flips into Libra. We are all asking ourselves – haven’t we been here before? Yes we have, but we need to see and do it all again. For some reason. You know why!

Happy Halloween
October 31, 2010

The Come-Back
October 17, 2010

What could be more reflective of the current planetary set-up than the Chilean miners released from the underworld? Venus retrograde in Scorpio is the signature of what rises to the surface, what comes back from a hidden place. For their re-connection, the miners even travelled in a capsule called Phoenix – the ultimate symbol of rising from the ashes. This human treasure – more precious than any other resource translated into pure joy. So touching and moving. During this Venus retrograde period in Scorpio which lasts until mid November we need to think about retrieval. Even Ryan O’Neal and Ali McGraw are re-living their cinematic and real-life Love Story these days.

Millibands Are The Cancer-Capricorn Clash
October 3, 2010

Cancerian David Milliband was trampled over by his Capricorn brother Ed, who scooped the labour leadership last week. Never underestimate the cunning Capricorn climb to the top – or the damage that family tensions can wreak on a sensitive Cancerian. This story is at the gut-wrenching heart of the Cancer-Capricorn polarity. But with stealthy Pluto’s powerful influence on his Sun, Ed was bound to win.

September 27, 2010

We have just had the Autumn Equinox and Chinese Autumn Moon Festival. Both ancient celebrations of harvest, completion and new beginnings. The Moon Festival – sometimes called the Lantern Festival is when people gather together to gaze at the Full Moon and eat moon cakes. Sometimes floating lanterns are released into the sky. What a great way to make a wish.

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