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Rising signs
April 10, 2011

I’ve been asked to write about rising signs. Sometimes known as the ‘ascendant’ – it is the sign that is rising on the horizon at the time of your birth. It can be the same as your sun sign if you are born around sunrise. If your ascendant differs from your Sun sign – for instance you are Capricorn with Libra rising then you engage with the world as a Libra (charming, socially skilled, aiming to please) yet at your core you are Capricorn (disciplined, hard working, resilient). This is why we often feel people don’t seem like their sun sign. The ascendant is the first thing we see about them.

Neptune into Pisces
April 3, 2011

Whilst all the Aries energy runs amok there’s Venus in Pisces, (Elizabeth Taylor) to remind us what
true star quality is all about.

Venus in Pisces
March 27, 2011

Whilst all the Aries energy runs amok there’s Venus in Pisces, (Elizabeth Taylor) to remind us what true star quality is all about.

Ai Weiwei in tune with the zeitgeist
March 20, 2011

Having seen Ai Weiwei’s remarkable sculpturel exhibit at London’s Tate Modern I was struck by
the Tsunami look of it.

The void and devastation – the emptiness and reduction of space into thousands of tiny pieces.

Here we are at Spring Equinox and the tiny, individually hand painted Sunflower Seeds that make the form are in themselves a symbol of hope and new beginnings.

You can’t go back to where you were
March 13, 2011

Shocks, tremors, deluge, devastation: Uranus moves from Poseiden Pisces to aggressive Aries and it all breaks loose.  There are no safety nets with these aspects.  And plenty of aftershocks yet to come.  This week is the so called ‘Supermoon’  Full Moon in Virgo as the Moon is closest to planet earth than it has been in 18 years.  All coupled with more stimulating aspects and the Spring Equinox which in itself is a time when the yin and yang energies are re-balancing,considered to be a tricky.   Change is the only thing we can be certain of, even if it is only our inner landscape that is reforming.    

Wake up call!
March 6, 2011

Here it comes – planet Uranus into Aries beginning a new 84 year circuit of the zodiac and a 7 year stay in the sign of the Ram.

All starting March 12. But everything is getting a bit Ramtastic – Mercury wings in midweek joining Jupiter and at Spring Equinox the Sun will follow suit.

The cosmic alarm clock is ringing!

Virgos get the attention
February 28, 2011

If you are a Virgo the current pile up of planets in Pisces is attracting attention.

Pisces time is here
February 20, 2011

It’s the flip of the fish. Sun, Mars and New Moon come in and very soon Uranus will move out.

Happy Valentines
February 13, 2011

New stars are up….

New stars are up
February 6, 2011
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