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Does Your Life Look Like This?
September 7, 2010

The loose connections of a Mercury retrograde cycle can be hard to unravel.

TELEPHONE ALERT: Please use your special numbers for your star sign message – the prefix followed by 5501 for Aries, 5502 Taurus, 5503 Gemini, 5504 Cancer, 5505 Leo, 5506 Virgo, 5507 Libra, 5508 Scorpio, 5509 Sagittarius, 5510 Capricorn, 5511 Aquarius, 5512 Pisces

The retrograde gremlin is working overtime on my website. Wednesday’s New Moon brings a fresh slant for all and an aha moment for Virgo. Venus into Scorpio is a real Biba moment – and Jupiter’s return to Pisces has to be a watershed.

Something Fishy About That Full Moon
August 22, 2010

Sun in Virgo, Full Moon in Pisces. Should we act with our head or our heart? Is it all analysis, balance sheets and slaving away behind the scenes or should we indulge our fantasies, buy hyacinths for the soul and lose ourselves in love and escapism? Virgo is work, Pisces is relaxing. How can we be on the case but loosen up a bit too…

I think this London street epitomises the mood of the moment – Westbourne Grove – the formality of the old buildings as a perfect backdrop for the creative vibe.

Catch you later
August 15, 2010

This week is the final curtain for the Jupiter opposite Saturn square Pluto scenario. Endings and beginnings. I am returning to London and will keep you posted from there!

The Lighthouse at Martha’s Vineyard
August 9, 2010

This is an extreme time. We see things in black and white, dark and light, good and bad, either/or. It’s all part of the Aries-Libra opposition with Pluto in Capricorn intensifying the polarity. The lighthouse is such a reassuring presence on the coastline.

Martha's Vineyard lighthouse

Cardinal T Square
August 2, 2010

You never know who’s going to be next to you in the queue.

It could be an angel or a devil! As the Cardinal T square lines up in the heavens we’re seeing all kinds of strange things.

Opposites Attract
July 26, 2010

This week I visited the Roof Garden at the top of the Metropolitan Museum.  It really is a place where the bucolic lushness of Central Park merges with the urban skyscraper landscape.  It got me thinking about the current Mars/Saturn opposition Uranus.  The trees are the Mars Saturn in Libra – all about roots, beauty and the constant cycles of nature.  The skyline with its hard edges – very man-made, jagged and Uranian.  We all fall somewhere in this polarity and affinity.  Do we need the space and serenity of the countryside or the street-buzz of the city.  Where are we happiest ?  For some the city is excitement and the countryside is boredom, for others nature is freedom and the city is stifling.  This amazing view across the treetops of Central Park towards the dazzling skyline captures the opposites.

Saturn into Libra
July 19, 2010

Now we begin a new era that will take us into Autumn 2012.  The arrival of Saturn into Libra this week is all about the final accounting in relationships.

What do we gain, what do we lose, where do we find balance?  Saturn emphasises the management of relationships, rather than the romanticism.

Diana, The Ultimate Water Goddess
July 15, 2010

I was drawn to visit Diana’s Memorial Fountain in Hyde Park on my trip back to London last week.  I have been there many times and initially I was less than impressed.  But I really saw the fountain come to life that scorching hot morning with children and adults wallowing and wading through the intricate and subtly changing patterns.  It is so experiential.  There are shallow rivulets, mini rapids and deep tranquil pools and the sound of water is bubbly in places, fast and then gentle in others.  Diana (being a Cancerian who loved children and water) would have loved it.  On this eclipsed New Moon in Cancer it seemed to hold a special soothing, healing energy – bathing the feet in water is an ancient, spiritual practice.  Now that I’ve put my toes in the water so to speak I see what a fitting tribute it is Diana and how it captures her essence perfectly.

4th of July Stars and Stripes
July 2, 2010

July stars are up, along with next week’s solar eclipse message. I’m back in London for the week, exchanging Manhattan meltdown for Cool Brittania (even though they insist they’re having a heatwave!). I was glad to see the Angel of Central Park back to her full glory after many months under wraps and scaffolding. Seeing her when I walk my dog early in the morning is a great way to start the day.

June 28 – Post eclipse party
June 28, 2010

Perhaps we all need to cool off after the lunar eclipse last Saturday. We need to re-group. But soon we’ll be into the intense alignments of July and August – so at least astrologically it’s going to be a long, hot Summer.

The Conservatory Garden – 105 Street

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