• Fri - Dec 15 - 2017
Full Moon in Virgo, Saturn centre stage
March 12, 2017

Could be a bit of a crash-landing for some as the cosmos insists we are fully grounded this week.
Deal with everything: Your paperwork
Your partner
Your past
Your pain
Saturn, planet of karma, attachment, baggage and responsibility is demanding you take a good long look at what is holding you back, what you haven’t done and what you need to do. Where you have held on far too long, where the chords must now be cut. All and a Full Moon too – just to make double sure we get the message….

Instagram: scorpiodebbie
March 7, 2017

I do not update facebook or twitter as I’ve gravitated towards Instagram so please follow me there.

The cosmic soup ….
February 25, 2017

Quite an extraordinary mix of ingredients in the cosmos coming up. The solar eclipse in Pisces, followed by the fire-cracker energy of Mars and Uranus in Aries, the Sun and Mercury floating across Neptune and Venus in Aries turning retrograde. A surreal swirl indeed…..
Next update Tuesday 7 April as I will be taking a bite out of the big apple ……

Feeling a bit February?
February 12, 2017

These are crazy times…. a pair of eclipses that suddenly alter your vision of what’s possible. You get a glimpse of things previously unknown, maybe they come into consciousness from the deepest slumber of your being and suddenly it seems like the most important thing ever …..

Eclipse time is here
January 29, 2017

Well the Fed won the Australian Open – as a Leo just coming up to the Leo eclipsed Full Moon he is totally in the power-seat. Rafa (Gemini), like the Trump has Saturn opposing him which is a tough call.
I have updated your forecasts for the next two weeks and will be back after the eclipse as I am working in the Maldives for the Four Seasons Group running workshops and seeing clients. In the meantime, your audio is all there and will update as normal so please have a listen.

Change of Cosmic Guard
January 22, 2017

At the end of this coming week Mars will begin a new complete circuit of the zodiac as it steps into Aries. It is an early Spring-like energy lasting until March 10th and signifying the newness that is reflected in the political scene as everyone re-positions. Chinese New Year of the Rooster also begins with this New Moon.

Traditional versus Modern astrology – Trump’s presidential aspects
January 15, 2017

This week’s major aspect involves what the ancients termed ‘the malefics’ ie. Mars and Saturn implying that nothing good ever comes from a meeting between these two and I am always caught in the dilemma of how to translate this into our modern life and awareness. Does it mean that we are going to hell in a handcart on the eve of Donald Trump’s inaugoration? Saturn is a hard taskmaster for sure and he makes us take on responsibility. Interestingly, Donald himself has on-going Saturn aspects as this planet conjuncts his Moon in Sagittarius and opposes his Sun in Gemini and will do so on and off through 2017 so it isn’t going to be an easy ride for him. He will feel curtailed, controlled and watched throughout this period which marks a distinct clampdown on his personal freedom which is something he values highly as a Sun-Uranus person. Interesting times…..

Full Moon in Cancer – unplugged!
January 8, 2017

Thursday’s Full Moon in the sign of the crab is not just any old Full Moon. It pulls in energies from Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter which create transformational waves across our lives. Then there is a Venus/Neptune conjunction also on Thursday – the special effects department is working overtime.

Happy 2017!
January 1, 2017

So what kind of a year do we have here? Despite all the trauma that goes on in the world, political and economic tensions and also the extraordinary number of deaths of our earthly ‘stars’ – I still believe there is a lot of light to come in during 2017.

New Year, new you!
December 26, 2016

Currently we are the in-betweenies, twixt 2016 and 2017 and in that rare space of straddling the past and the future. I loved the Christmas Eve Nativity Service I attended when the vicar asked the little girl dressed up as the Star of Bethlehem how it felt to be a star. She answered, ‘sparkly’. So let’s all sparkle right up there with the Cosmos……

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