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Planetary and political tussles
May 19, 2010

With all the planetary tussles going on – Saturn opposing Jupiter and Uranus with Venus in between and then the Sun getting mixed up with Neptune its not much wonder we’ve got a coalition government in the UK.

Political and planetary tussles

Political and planetary tussles

As the impact of this dawns on everyone perhaps its as well to remember that oppositions themselves create TENSION. So with Cameron the Libran – known for diplomacy – fronting the thing coupled with a bit of Capricornian Clegg ambition thrown in this could be a good way to take things forward.

In our own lives just now – its bound to be a time of feeling pushed and pulled around. We need to look for our own coalitions…

Wild child Uranus arrives in Aries
May 1, 2010

On 28th May planet Uranus steps foot in Aries – the last time it was here was between 1927 and 1935.  This is the appetizer, a small taste of things to come as Uranus skitters back to Pisces mid August before truly taking up a 7 year residence in Aries in 2011. 

Uranus is going to shake it up for everyone

It’s a big change for every sign.  Obviously pretty ram-tastic for Aries, but for the other 11 no less exhilarating.  So let’s get with the new programme.  The old rules need not apply.  This is the new cycle, the planet of originality and breakthrough in the sign of the entrepreneur.  The old systems and structures, the heavy weight corporations are going to have to travel lighter in these times.  Uranus is all about speed, Aries about impulse, initiation and winning.  Yes, it’s going to mean polarization of the winners and losers, it could also fan the flames of the warrior war-mongers as Aries is famously competitive and assertive.   

Initially, Jupiter is also here alongside Uranus – June and July this gung-ho, high rolling pair of planets raising the stakes and the game.  But then late July Saturn and Mars oppose them from Libra, cooling them down, holding them in.  It’s all part of the remarkable cardinal T-square that is configured this Summer.   

It’s going to be hot and steamy, that’s for sure, politically, economically – all very volatile.  On a personal level for many of us it signals a time of major life changes.  Whether these changes are chosen, or thrust upon us we’re all in the collective soup this summer of 2010 – it’s the cosmic minestrone that’s good for the soul.

Get your Karmic relief
May 1, 2010

My good friend Shelley Ackerman

One person and special friend, the brilliant astrologer Shelley Ackerman has just guided me into my new nest in New York City. 

I’ve known Shelley now for nigh on 12 years – it must be our Jupiter return!  She’s a Libra, she has the voice of an angel and you can hear her on her blogpost radio show discussing all matters metaphysical and astrological.

Shelley has a particular genius for connecting the cosmos to the unfolding political and economic stories of our day. 

Check her out on www.karmicrelief.com.

Another day, another dollar
May 1, 2010

Positioned on the weekends at the entrance to Central Park on 72nd Street is this beautiful vision.

 The ballerina ‘statue’ will bow, blow you a kiss and wave if you put a dollar in her box.  I think it’s a metaphor for American really! 

Moving ballerina

A metaphor for America?

Sax in the City
May 1, 2010

Early in the morning, Central Park can feel so beautiful, empty and eerie.  Sometimes the only sound I can hear are the wafting notes of the sax. 

Yes, a lone saxophonist is also an early bird in the park.  It’s really quite surreal and wonderful strolling round hearing the old greats.  I expect Humphrey Bogart to suddenly pop up from behind a tree!

My lone saxophonist

Enneagram anyone?
May 1, 2010

So it was that I went to Judith Searle’s fascinating workshop on the Enneagram – I’m always up for any kind of workshop that will give me greater insight into what makes people tick. 

It is ‘where the inner and the outer worlds meet’ according to Judith.  So are you primarily a Trail Blazer, a Critic, a Lover, an Achiever, Aesthete or Analyst?  Maybe an Optimist, Pessimist, or a Connector. 

It’s interesting to work out if your type links to your star sign too. 

Take a look at Judith’s website www.judithsearle.com    

A different way of personality typing

The Eyjafjallajökull Volcano
April 19, 2010
Icelandic Volcano
Mercury and Neptune weave their magic

 Just as Mercury turns retrograde and Neptune infuses the atmosphere with a mysterious air we are at the mercy of the meanderings of a cloud created by the Eyjafjallajökull volcano which means air travel is in suspended animation.

It is the most perfect reflection of the cosmos.

All very Alice in Wonderland – whether you are falling down rabbit holes like Camilla or very, very late for a very important date.

Image c/o Washington Post

Best-Dressed Dog
April 15, 2010

When I get back from Palm Beach, I chat with Margrit about issues with animals in New York. 

Since I’ve been here I’ve seen dogs with dummies in their mouths (yes really – the pet shops sell them here), dogs put in prams specially built for dogs (yes really again).  The ridiculous outfits – I’ve seen dogs in shoes and socks, red Wellingtons, not to mention the cashmere coats, cowboy gear and diamante hair accessories. 

Animals here, like most humans in NYC live an urban, concrete existence, couped up in small spaces with very little opportunity to be free. Central Park rules are that dogs must be on the leash after 9 am.  Yet people keep a huge variety of dogs in this town.  Lots of St Bernards, Weineramas, Retreivers and Labradors and of course the handbag sized smaller types too. 

Margrit’s workshops have gone down a storm here and she’ll be back to give owners and animals her wisdom, help and advice. 

Check out her website at www.theanimalhealer.com. She is brilliant.

Animal Healing and Cat Connections
April 15, 2010

As I leaf through the brochure from the Open Center I realise Margrit Coates an animal healer from the UK who used to write for the Daily Mail’s website when I was doing their horoscopes is due to come to New York to hold some workshops. 

Animal Whisperer extraordinaire

Margrit (a Cancerian) is a wonderful woman who has a rare and amazing gift for healing animals – she is a true animal whisperer.  We have a great catch up when I call her in England and as it turns out she house and cat sits for me in New York whilst I whisk off to Palm Beach for a few days.

Be Open to Everything
April 15, 2010

Have discovered a brilliant place – The Open Center on E30th Street.  It is a treasure trove of brilliant people, trainings and workshops that expand the mind.  There is something for everyone from feng shui, yoga, Buddhism, sustainability, brain gym, Tai Chi to detox, Ayurveda and rejuvenation.

I first went along a few weeks ago to the amazing Golden Thread talk by Ralph White – who founded the Open Center 26 years ago. 

Open Center, New York

A treasure trove of brilliant people, trainings and workshops

I was blown away by the fascinating esoteric philosophy, which is at the heart of renaissance thinking, art and medicine – the combination of celestial and terrestrial wisdom.  The belief in ‘the correspondences’ which means that all plants, human physical, mental and emotional conditions, animals and minerals are connected and reflected in the cosmos. 

Ralph White talks about ‘the crisis of materialism’ that defines modern life – but scratch the surface and a lot of alternatives that pertain to this esoteric wisdom aka. The Golden Thread are there.  Biodynamic farming and homeopathy to name just two are enjoying greater use and credibility.  I left feeling really excited by the talk and all that is available. 

Go to www.theopencenter.org

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