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Here It Is
June 21, 2010

Yes, we’ve got to it. The eclipsed Full Moon close to Pluto and the extraordinary alignments that go along with it this week. Pluto in Capricorn is shaking the tree. It remains to be seen what will fall off.

June 14th stars are up
June 13, 2010

With Venus moving into Leo now we’re all walking down the sunny side of the street. Here in the West Village that spirit of living life to the full is alive and well. But those fire escapes could come in handy symbolically speaking on Saturday when Saturn’s influence makes us examine our security measures.

The Jupiter-Uranus Message
June 9, 2010


Sometimes it feels as if you’ve been
behind bars, no matter how good your behaviour. And then you get a glimpse of something new. Exciting. All signs will get a change of perspective care of the eye-popping Jupiter-Uranus conjunction. Take a look at your weekly stars.

The Fine Art of Portrait Writing
June 5, 2010

Louise Temple

For the past few weeks I’ve been attending Louise Temple’s Fine Art of Portrait Writing course. Wow – what an experience!

I’ve been welcomed into a special world that is a combination of inspiration for writing, book club and therapy! The women in this group are prepared to bare their souls, put it on paper and share their words and wisdom.

A lot of this is attributable to Louise’s guidance. She is a writer, editor, teacher and documentary film-maker who possesses those rare gifts of insight, spiritual intelligence and a talent for inspiring others. Her course is one of the most exciting aspects of my life at the moment.

She’s running a workshop later in June at Long Beach, close to New York. Worth flying over for!

Check out www.louisetemple.com or see details below:

Opening to Life: A Woman’s Journey

Writing on the shore… writing on the horizon we hold the present close and cast our nets out far…

Please join me for an afternoon of contemplative and adventurous writing within the sound of the waves. In a supportive and non-judging environment, through meditation and structured writing exercises, you will open from within and find language for the inner gold that is uniquely your own.

Long Beach NY. Afternoon tea/coffee will be served.

Please bring a small object that is beautiful to you.

Sunday, June 27th
1:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Introducing the Davide Torchio Salon
June 4, 2010

I have to share with you 2 very special people who I met by chance in New York (but we all know there are no accidents!)

Davide and Fabrizio set up the most amazing hair salon, the Davide Torchio salon, at 954 Lexington Avenue and have created a fabulous, chic space and salon, which is such a magnet for the creative types that abound in NYC.

Davide Torchio Salon

The minute I walked into their salon on New Year’s Eve I felt immediately at home and very soon they showed me their horoscope charts which naturally they keep to hand and we talked about the year to come.

Davide is the most remarkable and talented stylist (he’s so in demand across the US that he practically lives in the air – which is fine for an Aquarian), Fabrizio the best and most charming Libran front of house.

They are soul mates to me – we immediately fell into that easy shorthand way of connecting and they have become my New York family. For anyone in need of tlc for their tresses and souls they are fabulous.

Check them out here: www.davidetorchiosalon.com

Mystical Mystic
June 1, 2010

The lure of magical Mystic in Connecticut is irresistible to an astrologer like me.

So, on the US Memorial Weekend it was off to a little clapboard cottage on the beach to star-gaze and feel the wonderful tranquil serenity of the coastal water off Long Island Sound.

Long Island

It did not disappoint. Better still, Mystic has its own Planetarium which is small, but perfectly formed.

The Planetarium at Mystic

With Venus, Saturn and Mars visible in the night sky and Jupiter coming up around 3 am, not to mention the amazing Sagittarian Full Moon it was a wonderful sight. There is hardly any light pollution in the area, just the lights from the boats and a few houses so the planets and stars were sensational and accompanied by a resident orchestra of cicadas.

The beauitful view

The whole town is beautiful, charming and fixated by mermaids – and somehow here you can almost believe they exist! Then there’s the obligatory drop into Mystic Pizza made famous by Julia Roberts in the film of the same name and the Mystic Drawbridge Ice Cream Parlour where you can indulge in pistachio and cashew nut ice-cream. What’s not to like!

June Horoscopes
May 31, 2010

Wondering what the dramatic T-square in the stars has in store for you? Wonder no more… June’s horoscopes are now live on the site. Just click on your sign on the right.

Having a lightbulb moment!
May 27, 2010

Lightbulb moment

It must be Uranus arriving in Aries. Last night I was woken up in the small hours by the main bedroom light coming on. All by itself. If you think this is crazy, so did I. Stumbling out of bed to switch it off, back to sleep. 10 minutes later it happened again. These kinds of things always intrigue me. What does it mean I ask myself. Is it a wake up call, a lightbulb moment, a message, or do I simply need to call an electrician. Please post your thoughts…

New late May stars are up.
May 26, 2010

New late May stars are up. Check out the mega aspects that are coming to a sign near you!

Debbie in New York

Destiny of a Duchess
May 24, 2010

Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York has definitely felt the arrival of Saturn in Libra over the past few months.

Sarah Ferguson caught in a 'sting'

She’s turned 50, lost her U.S. source of income, built up massive debt and caused a diplomatic incident over her Turkish TV documentary. Now she is the subject of a hugely embarrassing exposé for pocketing thousands of dollars in exchange for access to Prince Andrew.

Saturn is due back to Libra on July 21 when the karmic consequences will be made clear. The incident is brought to light on the Venus-Pluto opposition (falling directly on Fergie’s own Saturn in early Capricorn). This aspect is the chief undercover operator and dealer of dirty deeds.

When the Queen’s favourite daughter in law, Sophie Wessex was ‘stung’ by a British newspaper for the fake sheik debacle she was subsequently sheltered by the royal family. Fergie unfortunately is going to be hung out to dry – the royals’ modern equivalent of being hung, drawn and quartered.

Picture courtesy of: News of the World

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