• Sat - Sep 21 - 2019


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The Week Ahead

16 September 2019: Planets slipping into the most hidden away sector of your skies denotes an atmosphere of privacy and behind the scenes activity. Perhaps you are working on projects that are not yet available for public view. Or you need quiet time to discuss with those close to you rather than opening up to everyone. Thursday’s magnificent Mars/Pluto alignment is the super-power of the cosmos and it’s all yours!

The Month Ahead

September is one of the busiest months of 2019 as you will find people want definition on projects and team collaborations. So many ideas are making your head spin and you’re definitely getting some very opinionated input. But then you can give as good as you get! The second half of September sends you back into your rich inner world – that realm which sustains you psychically and spiritually so it is all about oiling the soul.

The Year Ahead

2019: LOVE
As the wild child planet Uranus is taking up residence in your relationship department from March 6th you must expect the unexpected in all matters to do with love. Perhaps someone defies your expectations, people come and go, love blossoms in bizarre circumstances or places or there is a need to mix things up to get you out of a rut. One thing’s for sure – 2019 will not be a repeat of any other year or at all boring! Neptune is inspiring romance and creativity and you get two waves of the gorgeous Venus in your sign- in the first week of January and again in October. Start relating outside of the box and you will discover what sets your heart free!

As Jupiter in Scorpio opened your eyes to new possibilities last year, 2019 is about capitalising on these. You can add to your resources and also your self-esteem through making of go of it all this year and the eclipse on January 21st will bring in that final vote on where should be and what you should be doing. In addition, 2019 is all about your vision and message and you should take steps to create an engaging platform that delivers them. Mars in Scorpio from November 19th until early 2020 is a big step forward.