• Sat - Jun 15 - 2019

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Be Open to Everything

Have discovered a brilliant place – The Open Center on E30th Street.  It is a treasure trove of brilliant people, trainings and workshops that expand the mind.  There is something for everyone from feng shui, yoga, Buddhism, sustainability, brain gym, Tai Chi to detox, Ayurveda and rejuvenation.

I first went along a few weeks ago to the amazing Golden Thread talk by Ralph White – who founded the Open Center 26 years ago. 

Open Center, New York

A treasure trove of brilliant people, trainings and workshops

I was blown away by the fascinating esoteric philosophy, which is at the heart of renaissance thinking, art and medicine – the combination of celestial and terrestrial wisdom.  The belief in ‘the correspondences’ which means that all plants, human physical, mental and emotional conditions, animals and minerals are connected and reflected in the cosmos. 

Ralph White talks about ‘the crisis of materialism’ that defines modern life – but scratch the surface and a lot of alternatives that pertain to this esoteric wisdom aka. The Golden Thread are there.  Biodynamic farming and homeopathy to name just two are enjoying greater use and credibility.  I left feeling really excited by the talk and all that is available. 

Go to www.theopencenter.org