• Mon - May 27 - 2019

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Teany Café Is The Best

Out in Lower Eastside on Sunday I chanced upon the Teany Café in Rivington Street.

The fantastic Teany Cafe

This slightly grungy area is shabby chic personified – brimming with vintage shops selling everything from old 30’s dresses to flower power bell-bottoms.

The Teany Café is terrific. Lavender lemonade iced tea with fresh lemon juice anyone? Or how about a ‘teanychino’? Ingredients: Roasted mate (don’t ask), almond bits, vanilla bean, cornflower blossoms, sunflower petals with milk. You can snack on delights such as edamame hummus or chocolate macaroon cake. They also sell teany tiny cans of tea – with names to die for – Organic Darjeeling First Flush, Masala Cha or how about Hairy Crab Oolong (Cancerians would love it)!

Visit Teany’s website to check out their amazing range of teas.

Animal Healing and Cat Connections

As I leaf through the brochure from the Open Center I realise Margrit Coates an animal healer from the UK who used to write for the Daily Mail’s website when I was doing their horoscopes is due to come to New York to hold some workshops. 

Animal Whisperer extraordinaire

Margrit (a Cancerian) is a wonderful woman who has a rare and amazing gift for healing animals – she is a true animal whisperer.  We have a great catch up when I call her in England and as it turns out she house and cat sits for me in New York whilst I whisk off to Palm Beach for a few days.