• Mon - May 27 - 2019

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Another day, another dollar

Positioned on the weekends at the entrance to Central Park on 72nd Street is this beautiful vision.

 The ballerina ‘statue’ will bow, blow you a kiss and wave if you put a dollar in her box.  I think it’s a metaphor for American really! 

Moving ballerina

A metaphor for America?

Sax in the City

Early in the morning, Central Park can feel so beautiful, empty and eerie.  Sometimes the only sound I can hear are the wafting notes of the sax. 

Yes, a lone saxophonist is also an early bird in the park.  It’s really quite surreal and wonderful strolling round hearing the old greats.  I expect Humphrey Bogart to suddenly pop up from behind a tree!

My lone saxophonist

Central Park Crazies!

I’ve seen so many crazies in Central Park. You never know what you’re going to see next.

One day it’s a dog in a dress, the next it’s a skate-boarder with pink hair.  But today I walked around the fountain and there was a guy in a wizard’s hat complete with wig sitting on the bench.

I tried not to stare.  But he said ‘Good Morning my dear’ in such a voice I felt like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. Boy did I click my heels fast!

Saturn is back to Virgo today and Pluto has gone retrograde.  Maybe that’s why there’s a bit of an underground movement going on.