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Car Crash Dummy

What to do with my Neptune transit?  It will go on till February 2011 and runs the gamut from magical experiences to loss and disappointment.

If I was my own client I would be advising something creative, so off to The National Academy School of Fine Arts for a sculpture course.  We have a sitting model and a lump of clay.  It’s great to be at school and the smell of plaster dust is quite intoxicating (another Neptunian dimension).  The other students comprise one young guy who turns out surreal heads with oversize lips – Angelina Jolie eat your heart out.  These are big smackers.  And a couple of older women who claim no previous experience but obviously worked with Michelangelo in a previous life.  The course director looks like something left over from Woodstock.

First week I’ve massaged that head for 6 hours and feel I’ve really got stuck in.  Second week I arrive – my head is nowhere to be seen.  Woodstock Man helps me search and uncovers one.  ‘This is yours’ he says.

I’m nearly convinced but mine had a long neck, like E.T.  ‘Lucky I didn’t start working on someone else’s sculpture’ says me.

Woodstock Man’s eyes go misty.  ‘We used to swap around a lot in the 60’s’.  Somehow I didn’t think he was talking sculpture!

Anyway, suddenly in comes Roadie (his side-kick) who announces that there had been a terrible accident!  My head has fallen over (such a big head you see!)  Roadie uncovers the body of Car Crash Dummy, my erstwhile beautiful woman who is now mortally injured, lop-sided and destined for the scrap heap.  But I spend another 6 hours repairing her.

Such is Neptune.  Don’t get attached.  Just let go…