• Mon - May 27 - 2019

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The Come-Back

What could be more reflective of the current planetary set-up than the Chilean miners released from the underworld? Venus retrograde in Scorpio is the signature of what rises to the surface, what comes back from a hidden place. For their re-connection, the miners even travelled in a capsule called Phoenix – the ultimate symbol of rising from the ashes. This human treasure – more precious than any other resource translated into pure joy. So touching and moving. During this Venus retrograde period in Scorpio which lasts until mid November we need to think about retrieval. Even Ryan O’Neal and Ali McGraw are re-living their cinematic and real-life Love Story these days.

Central Park Crazies!

I’ve seen so many crazies in Central Park. You never know what you’re going to see next.

One day it’s a dog in a dress, the next it’s a skate-boarder with pink hair.  But today I walked around the fountain and there was a guy in a wizard’s hat complete with wig sitting on the bench.

I tried not to stare.  But he said ‘Good Morning my dear’ in such a voice I felt like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. Boy did I click my heels fast!

Saturn is back to Virgo today and Pluto has gone retrograde.  Maybe that’s why there’s a bit of an underground movement going on.