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The Week Ahead

21 January 2019 : Perhaps other people’s failure to do what they promised has created more work for you. However, with the lunar eclipse re-arranging the scenery it is best to wait and see what new scenarios are being constellated before you bother yourself trying to fix the old ones.

The Month Ahead

January 2019: Typical Taureans hang in there long after others have given up. But the planetary emphasis is now on aligning yourself with your own true values rather than determinedly following a pre-set path. Your future looks bright with promise if you have the courage to evaluate where you really want to go now rather than what you thought you wanted long ago.

The Year Ahead


With Uranus in your sign from March 6 for the next 7 years you are entering an exciting period where your eyes are opened to new possibilities in yourself and others. This could spark a new love from out of the blue, or kick-start a new era in an existing relationship. Uranus will certainly keep you on your toes – you could say, never a dull moment! This is especially the case for those Taureans born in the first few days of the sign. Although for all born under this sign there are many wonderfully sustaining forces that encourage growth.

With generous Jupiter occupying your zone of joint ventures you could benefit from collaboration with others whether this is in the form of a pay-out, dividend, bonus or gift. The most dynamic period of the year is between Valentines and the end of May and you should go all-out to make a strong impact at this time. Your old structures are not going to remain the same – in fact, new pathways are opening up that will stretch you in new areas. Many Taureans will prosper in 2019 from ventures that began long ago, yet the winds of change are blowing and you would do well to consider changes of direction that will take you places you never thought you would go.

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