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Customer care: 0207 053 7000

The Week Ahead

13 November 2017: There is a lot of promise in your stars. However, typical Taureans prefer to operate with what is known and real rather than counting on opportunities to manifest. Perhaps it is a lot to ask, but maybe you could open up to trusting someone a little more? That doesn’t mean you should rush in blindly without checking the facts. However, it is entirely possible that someone is really going to come through for you.

The Month Ahead

November 2017: An awe-inspiring celestial line up confers November with the kind of divine intervention that will indeed make a positive difference to your life. It seems a significant other has a large role to play in this. Although the Taurus Full Moon of the 4th makes you a bit of a fire-cracker yourself! Look to see what kinds of moves you can make and keep your horizons broad. The implant of the Scorpio New Moon on the 18th promises a new cycle that will break past patterns and move you into new relationship territory even if it’s with the same person. Financial negotiations are significant for long term plans later in the month.

The Year Ahead

As you are beautifully placed to receive cosmic blessings this year you will find it easier to navigate any changes in the knowledge that they are bringing something better into your life. You are starting to see things differently and this altering of your perception is the precursor to manifesting the right set-up for you. In many ways the old is leaving your life and shifting whatever has been stuck. As a Taurean you have often put up with something way past it’s sell by date but now you are ready for the new. Between March 10 and June 21st Mars in Taurus will give you the confidence to manifest your desires in business and also in your personal life. You will be know exactly what you want and be in the mood to get it! For love, Venus is your goddess between June 6th and July 5th which should be a romantic and harmonious time. The eclipses this year in both February and August could usher in changes that sweep through many areas and alter the status quo. From October 10th generous Jupiter will be in Scorpio and presiding over all relationships, both enhancing and bestowing favours here for a full year to come so that the Full Moon in Taurus on November 4th is set to bring something heart-felt alive.

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