• Fri - Oct 18 - 2019

To have and to hold

The sign of Cancer is in the ascendancy. Ever since Diana brought this most personable of signs front of house we have been in thrall to the Cancerian emotional connection. Cleverly, she made William in her own image and now we have a Crab King in the making. Diana’s most beautiful legacy remains her considerable gifts as a mother, strengthening and encouraging her son’s personal values so that he was able to marry for love. The new Duchess of Cambridge has her Moon in Cancer – with a resolute sun in Capricorn. That Cancerian sincerity is threaded through her family. Carole and Michael Middleton even share their wedding anniversary with Prince William’s birthday (June 21) and if that wasn’t enough Michael Middleton is also a Cancerian born June 23rd. Not much wonder this is the father-in-law the Prince calls Dad. He feels utterly at home with them all. Kate and William’s relationship was forged in the crucible of student domestic bliss as they worked out their cooking rotas and rubbish bins at St Andrews University. This has been followed by a peace and quiet cottage in Anglesey. We can expect their palace headquarters to be a real home – more family than formality. How refreshingly normal. Diana’s love lives on.

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