• Sat - Sep 21 - 2019

Total Lunar Eclipse – the longest this century

July 27th marks the longest Lunar Eclipse of the 21st century. The Full and Eclipsed Moon will turn brownish red, known as a blood moon and is positioned close to the red planet Mars which will be at its absolute brightest. The whole eclipse is set to last 1 hour 43 minutes and I’m hoping to be able to see it in Bali, Indonesia in the wee small hours.

Ahh the heavens are packing in so much cosmic activation at the moment. The eclipse is so energetically potent due to its close proximity to Mars and also angles Uranus, planet of surprise – in addition Mercury turns retrograde the day before the eclipse – so it will be business as unusual!

Currently in Bali I’m mesmerised by the visibility of the night sky planets which include Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn – it’s so incredible to see them all – and of course that Moon which is growing to full power…..

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